Staying Happy When You Hurt, My CHCH Chat

It has been a very long time since I set foot in the CHCH studios to see my family and catch up with our viewers. I am blown away by the thousands of  emails, messages and cards you have sent asking how I am doing and praying for my healing and happiness. I read every one and I feel so blessed to have your support.  This journey has taught me so much- but especially the power of GRATITUDE which is simply an expression of LOVE.

Even though I have tough moments and have rumbled over more than a few potholes, I push on to my goal- Perfect Health. I know our bodies are powerful and designed to heal. I am determined to reach my target and on days where I miss the mark- I pause, aim and fire again. My very supportive family and friends bolster my confidence and my partner has been nothing short of heroic. He holds me tightly in this world and reflects back at me- the light I gave to others in their time of need. He tells me what I need to hear to overcome my lapses or fears and stays calm allowing me a soft place to fall when I do. Emotional support is so very critical to our survival and not just when we are physically ill.

So THANK YOU for believing in me, in the end it will be what saves me.

If you missed my visit here is the clip from my interview with the lovely Annette and please do share it around as I have a tough time keeping up with all the emails I get these days. I want you to know- I am happy, hopeful and well


Nightmare/ Dream Come True… the long overdue update.

“Okay really?” You are saying…is she nuts? The big bad C a dream? a gift? Honestly as far as gifts go- if I knew what was inside… I would have set that box on fire in the back 40 before opening it. BUT I had no choice in the matter, this special delivery came without a receipt and only in my size. Yes it is true, I asked for this- I just never thought it was coming in this shape and colour. Not something I would have riffled through the rack for- but none the less made for me.

Thanks to you and your love, prayers and support I have learned the greatest lesson of my life and fortified my heavy artillery with some pretty bad-ass weapons. Weapons of truth, love, light and of GOD. Thanks to your devoted, humbling and limitless encouragement I know that this is a blessing and that I am firmly held in the light.

Ohhh- I have been through hellish bouts of chemo, moments of fear and confusion and yes I still face some more no doubt. My hair fell out, my face freaked out and some days I look more alien than human but I am loved- I AM LOVED and now know- my dream is coming true.

All my life I have wanted to be a healer and to bring the light. I wanted to lift people up and be a force that drew us closer together. And so I have. Who knew in order to be a healer, I had to be sick?? Yay me! I get to witness humanity at it’s finest, I get to be on the recieving end of prayer. Through my scary plot twist, we all become more courageous and more in love with each other. Yay you!! For following through, walking your talk- reaching out and being your best self.  I love you even more now. I feel I have witnessed the very essence of you- and YOU are breathtaking.

This has been a fascinating journey- too bad I had to learn it through my body instead of a great book or movie -but maybe it was so I would be forced to pay full attention to the lessons. I can’t wait to tell you all what I have learned! As I focus on recovery I am also working diligently on a book- one I think will change the rules on healing forever.

Hope you read it one day get something out of it- I sure did.

Please do share this and help me respond to the thousands of caring emails asking how I am feeling… I want everyone to know that in my heart – I am better than ever.


What Happened?

That is what many of my friends, fans and followers have been asking and until now I have been quiet. Quiet because I believe that thought creates reality and I did not want a million TV viewers or a flock of twitter followers thinking of me as sick. I did not want to place sadness in your mind or light a match to fear. It has been months and many still message me, ask about me and tell me they miss me. How beautiful you are to keep a space for me in your hearts. Here is what I know. On February 14 after months of discomfort the very skilled team at St Josephs Hospital removed my uterus in order to rid me of a very large fibroid. The recovery was tough but every day I grew stronger and felt better. Weeks later the pathology report came in and that’s when I had to face some life altering news. The fibroid was a rare aggressive cancer and it could spread. Of course I was afraid and heartbroken. I never thought this would be my story. I wanted to be a healer not broken. But here I was staring down scary words and feeling hunted by something I can not see. I won’t go through all the moments of panic or fears I allowed to plague my mind- you can imagine I’m sure. I dedicated myself this past month to every healing practice modality and food that would nourish my body and lift my spirit. I know God loves me because everything I needed was carefully placed in my path…I just followed the breadcrumbs and soaked in the kindness and love that flowed to me. Every day I have placed myself in the hands of God and asked to be filled with divine love. And so I was. Today as I lay in the Jurivinski awaiting a CT scan to determine why my tummy is swelling and causing me pain I am prompted to break my silence and reach out to you- my next Healers. It is time for me to ask you for light . Every day when I was on CHCH ‘a Morning Live I would drive to work at 4am in the dark and bless all of you. I truly love each of you more than I can express. Every show I asked God to let the light shine through me and lift you up. It was never about the forecast or being on TV, it was always about bringing the light. I held love in my heart for you through -40 and on my most tired days because I wanted so much to lift you and make you feel happy. I still do. We are all connected. When you suffer I suffer , when I  faulter you do and when  one of us is healed we all feel the healing. We are amidst a great shift, life is pulling at us demanding we wake up or we will suffer. Let’s hold hands and do it together. As I write this on my iPhone from a hospital bed I am aware of both the beauty and urgency of this experience. I don’t plan on dying right now- I choose to live and now I ask for your help. We are going to start a Love Revolution. Once you read this would you please immediately share it and then set a daily reminder in your phone or calendar. Every day see me wrapped in Gods Divine Love and fully healed and then ask for the same love for yourself knowing that you are worthy – Remembering you already have my love . This is our birthright and we must act from love now and always. Don’t learn the hard way like me. I always gave my love away and never felt worthy to receive it. Now I know I must in order to heal myself and all of us. Please don’t be sad for me just know that this experience I am in is just a messenger- to us all. Make my lesson matter – share this, send love and know that all is well.


4 Fantastic Finds to Make your Meditation Even Better

You can meditate anywhere with no tools, tunes or atmospheric aids. You only need to be still to start. I love to engage my senses in everything- my home, work and yes my Meditation practices. People are always asking me for my recommendations and these are my favourite tools to help me get the most out of my experience.

1) You can use a mat or cushion, you can lay down on the floor…but take  a look at this incredible seagrass and mango wood chair…maybe you might sit still a little longer with the help of this cozy piece!

2) I like to practice Meditation by candle light and this is my favourite candle. The Dayna Decker Candle is my treat to myself. I love the smell of the botanical oils. They burn forever and you will love the sound of the crackling wood wick. They are not cheap- but I would rather have one fabulous, healthy candle than a bunch of chemical-laden cheapies any day.

3) Of course we don’t need music to Meditate but there are numerous benefits to Guided Meditation and when I choose that method this is my favourite CD. It is so well done and Deepak Chopra is so in tune with how to direct the body to heal.

4) You may not know this but your body temperature does fluctuate during Meditation. To avoid the distraction, I like to keep a wrap around my shoulders. I love cashmere, it really maintains a comfortable body temperature no matter what weather I am out in on the show. I often wear Canadian designed Black Goat Cashmere and this pashmina is just perfect as a meditation wrap or throw.

Would making a soothing space make you more likely to practice?

Love to hear from you as always,

Be well


Nicola’s Peaceful Closet- “The 5 Days Of Style” Project

5 days of style…that is all I am going for. Not always easy for me as I can be a lazy dresser. I am just as happy in jeans and a t-shirt as I am my new Smythe blazer. I love comfort but sometimes- we need to step it up a notch. Ya know? That is really what this dressing room is all about- making use of what I have in a more effective way.

I Just snapped this quick pic to show ya’ll my closet and shelf are in!


I am keeping it open like that cause I like to see it everything – it helps me make sure I wear it all  and mix it up. Still replacing my hangers with grey velvet ones and tons more sorting to do- but I already love it.

Morning Show hosts see more of the moon than the sun some days so anything I can do to free up a little daylight- I am up for. Laying my outfit out the night before is a must but I thought- why not do the week? That is when I decided I needed a 5 day rack. My latest project is a simple solution to make my dress-stress a thing of the past.

First I painted this simple board the same colour as my wall and then applied an easy shabby chic effect using a stencil.


THE PEACEFUL HOME- my DIY Dream Wardrobe Project

Many of us are up before the dawn these days and like a lot of you:  I get dressed in the dark 5 days a week. It is a small miracle I leave fully clothed some days…actually sometimes I don’t. As the Weather Presenter on Morning Live, I’m outside in all kinds of weather and the odd time: I’m just not prepared.

Not because I lack common sense- simply because I lack time and organization.

A word on organization: I am pretty good at it… really… I do think so. But when it comes to my tight morning routine- I need a Renovation Rescue.

I purge my stuff regularly but my crowded closet is cramping my style. So I plan to take this empty basement room:

If you want a Peaceful Life you have to design it that way, with creativity and vision. We all know how you start your day- changes your day…I believe I can do better! So I am going to follow the advice of my smart and insightful Nana:

“Start off as you mean to go on”



The Courage To Be Crazy

“Today’s Oak is just yesterday’s nut that had the courage to hold his ground”

I saw this quote on the site of Adam McLeod- “The Dreamhealer” and I felt how bang-on it was for me and all of us really. Adam has very unique story. Born with unfathomable healing gifts, Adam is known the world over for his ability to see disease and yes- heal people. What is also unique about Adam is be believes: ” In the future being able to heal by thought will be the norm”. Things are rapidly changing and we are opening up to new (old ) ideas of healing thanks to the support of quantum physics and a few nuts who stood their ground.

Right now we are entering a very unique time energetically and a lot of people are feeling the pull. You may even be feeling a little bit crazy at times. Right now everything we think, feel and do has a greater impact than ever before. I won’t give you examples- look for them in your own life and see what you notice. Is there more suffering?  More drama? More love? This acceleration is part of something greater at work but you do possess all you need to push through it with the strength and stillness of the Mighty Oak.

I have been addressing a health issue for the past few months and it has taught me so much. Suffering or confusion or pain are often the greatest teachers. Here is how to turn pain into the path:

1) Stillness

Remember  the joke about the man who goes to the doctor and says :”Every time I turn my ankle like this is hurts.” and the doc responds:”Don’t do that then.”? Sometimes physical pain is a means to get our attention and force us to stop. In our culture we continually applaud people who “Push beyond pain”. Strength, endurance and the will to survive all have their place, but a moment of stillness can redirect your energy in the most surprising and powerful ways. I spent 3 months trying to force my way through a healing process that really needed me to just be still- wish I had listened sooner.

2) Silence

There is way to much chatter on blogs, social media and mainstream media these days. The next time you are feeling frazzled- instead of numbing out or filling it with mental dribble…try sopping up the noise with silence. Stop talking and listen to what is waiting to be heard.

3) Spaciousness

Wide open spaces can do wonders to soothe the spirit and nature is a tonic. Try also cultivating spaciousness within. Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation, Tai Chi are all great tools to help you achieve this connection.

Life can make you feel a little crazy at times, what you do with that crazy and how you respond to the chaos is what will determine how you experience this great shift. This is not a time to let go of all we have known, it is the time to fuse that knowledge with what we are about to discover- together.


Rooms That Soothe The Soul- 3 Easy Peaceful Design Tips To Transform Your Space Now!

I enjoy my hosting gig on CHCH Morning Live  mainly because more than giving the weather forecast… I am trying to spread peace and joy to our viewers. At 4:00am on my drive in to work each day, I bless each and  every viewer. We have such a great community of generous, caring people and I want them to know how much they matter. I want them to start off their day smiling and knowing that this day- is gonna be great.

I believe we need to live with intention and that is exactly what I teach in “Renovate My Life”- my most attended and workshop. By aligning our inner intention with our outer intention we can achieve a purposeful and peaceful life. There are so many interpretations of this- but lets pick one: your environment.

It is so easy to create peaceful spaces and moments…here are some of my EASY tricks for designing rooms that soothe the soul:

1) Make use of candles- light them and choose soft lamp lighting instead of the glare of overhead pot lights. We know lighting has an immediate effect on mood. Light a bunch of candles at dinner time and watch how soft the conversation becomes! Create peaceful moments: enjoy a peaceful life.

2)  Bring on the bling. Reflect back on your childhood… remember how attracted you were to shiny objects? What objects or accessories make you feel celebratory or “lighter”. Move them out of the cabinet and in to view.

3) Make magic with Music. Take some time on a weekend to assemble the ultimate soothing playlist. Set your stereo timer for your arrival home or use it on long drives. Music is an immediate energy booster and an easy “go-to” when you are feeling down. Nothing will shift your state faster than your favourite ambient tunes.

Be well, live a well-desinged life!