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Nicola Jones is a TV host and the founder of  the Prescription 4 Peace. This popular workshop series, blog and book reveals life-changing, peaceful practices and techniques that have empowered thousands to live a more beautiful life.

This adaptable TV personality loves to look at the lighter side using humour and humility to connect with her fans.

In front of and beyond the lens, Nicola proves that by taking conscious risks-  it is possible to design and receive your dream life.

This published Writer, Speaker, Host and TV producer has worked for numerous media outlets and Networks including: CHUM, CTV, ESPN, Can-West Global and The Weather Network. You can watch her daily on Channel Zero’s CHCH as the Weather Specialist for Morning Live and host of the popular “Take It Outside”.

Swimming off Bimini with Wild Dolphins

Swimming off Bimini with Wild Dolphins

A certified Yoga and Meditation facilitator, Nicola Jones is a popular public speaker who hosts engaging Corporate Workshops and Retreats (CLICK HERE FOR MORE:  Nicola’s  Events ).

She has studied with Tony Murdock, Kim Eng/Eckhart Tolle and The Chopra Centre.  Passionate about spending time in nature,  this active Mom loves to hike and bike with her son, snorkel in the Caribbean or putter about in her edible garden. Always looking for adventure- you might find Nicola up in the skies Hang gliding, bouncing about in some Kangoo boots or Tree climbing in 100-year old trees.

Nicola is know for her ability to host moving interviews with some of the World’s most remarkable people. From Dolly Parton to Astronaut Eugene Cernan, her warm and thought provoking questions draw audiences in and allow the speaker to share their personal stories with unprecedented candor.

Watch below an astonishing interview with Dan Caro, a man whose badly burned body never stopped him from realizing his extraordinary dream.