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I enjoy my hosting gig on CHCH Morning Live  mainly because more than giving the weather forecast… I am trying to spread peace and joy to our viewers. At 4:00am on my drive in to work each day, I bless each and  every viewer. We have such a great community of generous, caring people and I want them to know how much they matter. I want them to start off their day smiling and knowing that this day- is gonna be great.

I believe we need to live with intention and that is exactly what I teach in “Renovate My Life”- my most attended and workshop. By aligning our inner intention with our outer intention we can achieve a purposeful and peaceful life. There are so many interpretations of this- but lets pick one: your environment.

This is my view right now…

Peaceful Hearth


It is so easy to create peaceful spaces and moments…here are some of my EASY tricks for designing rooms that soothe the soul:

1) Make use of candles- light them and choose soft lamp lighting instead of the glare of overhead pot lights. We know lighting has an immediate effect on mood. Light a bunch of candles at dinner time and watch how soft the conversation becomes! Create peaceful moments: enjoy a peaceful life.

2)  Bring on the bling. Reflect back on your childhood… remember how attracted you were to shiny objects? What objects or accessories make you feel celebratory or “lighter”. Move them out of the cabinet and in to view.

3) Make magic with Music. Take some time on a weekend to assemble the ultimate soothing playlist. Set your stereo timer for your arrival home or use it on long drives. Music is an immediate energy booster and an easy “go-to” when you are feeling down. Nothing will shift your state faster than your favourite ambient tunes.

Be well, live a well-desinged life!


2 Responses to “Rooms that Soothe the Soul- 3 easy peaceful design tips to transform your space now!”

  1. Bernice Guiler says:

    Know that you are truly missed in the Morning. Thank you for giving your fans-a look into your world. You are truly in all thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.

  2. Dianna says:

    praying for your recovery and miss you on chch get well soon Nicola Jones xoxox

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