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Thumb_0007_Nicola-Jones-1724It has been a very long time since I set foot in the CHCH studios to see my family and catch up with our viewers. I am blown away by the thousands of  emails, messages and cards you have sent asking how I am doing and praying for my healing and happiness. I read every one and I feel so blessed to have your support.  This journey has taught me so much- but especially the power of GRATITUDE which is simply an expression of LOVE.

Even though I have tough moments and have rumbled over more than a few potholes, I push on to my goal- Perfect Health. I know our bodies are powerful and designed to heal. I am determined to reach my target and on days where I miss the mark- I pause, aim and fire again. My very supportive family and friends bolster my confidence and my partner has been nothing short of heroic. He holds me tightly in this world and reflects back at me- the light I gave to others in their time of need. He tells me what I need to hear to overcome my lapses or fears and stays calm allowing me a soft place to fall when I do. Emotional support is so very critical to our survival and not just when we are physically ill.

So THANK YOU for believing in me, in the end it will be what saves me.

If you missed my visit here is the clip from my interview with the lovely Annette and please do share it around as I have a tough time keeping up with all the emails I get these days. I want you to know- I am happy, hopeful and well


Love to you all,




5 Responses to “Staying Happy when you hurt, my CHCH chat”

  1. Trina Medves says:

    Nicola, you are the true meaning of strength, beauty and class. I love you dear friend and keep kicking butt because you are going to BEAT this!

  2. Rebecca says:

    The White Light just shines around you and through you, Nicola. Your Beautiful Energy is stronger then ever! Love, Light and Healing! xox

  3. Jim says:

    I have learned from others struggling with different forms of that having a person their you, that supports you, is so important to your recovery. Cudos to him for being that person for you.

    Take care and keep on getting better.

  4. Andrea says:

    I was soo happy to see you this morning as my Grandma was too. I know you hear all the time how amazing you and I will say it again YOUR AMAZING. You have taught me soo much with the strength you are showing and I hope one day I get the chance to hug you and thank you. I pray for you everyday and will continue too.
    Lots of love and strength to you

  5. SheMom says:

    Hey Nicola,
    I just read an entry on your Facebook page. I don’t really do much in the way of social networking so I thought I’d send you a message this way. It is obviously a rough time for you lately and believe me, there are many who are sending you healing thoughts. But what I would really love for you right now is laughter. It may hurt your ribs even more to do so – but think of the funny times – whether it be the bat flying through CHCH, or replaying some high school antics in your head. Laugh. Smile. Watch those movies that make you grin. Because when humour is activated – pain, fear and discomfort become secondary…an irritating reality, but secondary, nonetheless. Hang in there – one day at a time, one breath at a time, one chuckle at a time… :)!

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