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Oak trees

“Today’s Oak is just yesterday’s nut that had the courage to hold his ground”

I saw this quote on the site of Adam McLeod- “The Dreamhealer” and I felt how bang-on it was for me and all of us really. Adam has very unique story. Born with unfathomable healing gifts, Adam is known the world over for his ability to see disease and yes- heal people. What is also unique about Adam is be believes: ” In the future being able to heal by thought will be the norm”. Things are rapidly changing and we are opening up to new (old ) ideas of healing thanks to the support of quantum physics and a few nuts who stood their ground.

Right now we are entering a very unique time energetically and a lot of people are feeling the pull. You may even be feeling a little bit crazy at times. Right now everything we think, feel and do has a greater impact than ever before. I won’t give you examples- look for them in your own life and see what you notice. Is there more suffering?  More drama? More love? This acceleration is part of something greater at work but you do possess all you need to push through it with the strength and stillness of the Mighty Oak.

I have been addressing a health issue for the past few months and it has taught me so much. Suffering or confusion or pain are often the greatest teachers. Here is how to turn pain into the path:

1) Stillness

Remember  the joke about the man who goes to the doctor and says :”Every time I turn my ankle like this is hurts.” and the doc responds:”Don’t do that then.”? Sometimes physical pain is a means to get our attention and force us to stop. In our culture we continually applaud people who “Push beyond pain”. Strength, endurance and the will to survive all have their place, but a moment of stillness can redirect your energy in the most surprising and powerful ways. I spent 3 months trying to force my way through a healing process that really needed me to just be still- wish I had listened sooner.

2) Silence

There is way to much chatter on blogs, social media and mainstream media these days. The next time you are feeling frazzled- instead of numbing out or filling it with mental dribble…try sopping up the noise with silence. Stop talking and listen to what is waiting to be heard.

3) Spaciousness

Wide open spaces can do wonders to soothe the spirit and nature is a tonic. Try also cultivating spaciousness within. Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation, Tai Chi are all great tools to help you achieve this connection.

Life can make you feel a little crazy at times, what you do with that crazy and how you respond to the chaos is what will determine how you experience this great shift. This is not a time to let go of all we have known, it is the time to fuse that knowledge with what we are about to discover- together.

Be well,

One Response to “The Courage to be Crazy”

  1. John Burns says:

    Hi Nicola.
    Your Twitter post led me to this article and I want to say that I am truly concerned and hope you are doing well and in a healing place. I fully agree with your summation to just be still, and conserve your energy for healing.

    In addition to many books read on the subject, years ago I took energy healing classes with Sandy Greer in Hamilton and adopted these philosophies into my and my sons’ lives. It all begins and ends with us; our thoughts. Thoughts can heal or harm. They are the information that we transmit outward to infinity and to all other living beings, and our emotion is the intensity of which we transmit.

    When I have had challenges over the years, the first thing I do is, like you, to retreat to a safe place… my home, my fortress and roll up the drawbridge, so to speak, which creates that spaciousness and silence. These then allow me to be still, meditate, hone my thoughts to positive, constructive, healing thoughts. If the issue is work-related, I look at the positive sides – and there are always many. If the issue is a difficult person in my life, I actually pray for them, no matter what I think of them at that moment ;) If someone is experiencing a difficult time, I send them positive, healing energy.

    I don’t believe that the universe is in control of our lives, working behind the scenes with some pre-written Grand Master Plan. I believe the opposite. I believe we call in every lesson, every person, every situation – good or bad – based on what we transmit in our thoughts.

    I believe that what you are going through is temporary, and though it may take time, everything will be completely okay again. You do so much positive work for others and have such great energy, which is missed by many each day I’m sure. Turning that energy toward yourself will be incredibly healing.

    Sending you positive, healing energy, Nicola. Have a great evening.


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