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That is what many of my friends, fans and followers have been asking and until now I have been quiet. Quiet because I believe that thought creates reality and I did not want a million TV viewers or a flock of twitter followers thinking of me as sick. I did not want to place sadness in your mind or light a match to fear. It has been months and many still message me, ask about me and tell me they miss me. How beautiful you are to keep a space for me in your hearts. Here is what I know. On February 14 after months of discomfort the very skilled team at St Josephs Hospital removed my uterus in order to rid me of a very large fibroid. The recovery was tough but every day I grew stronger and felt better. Weeks later the pathology report came in and that’s when I had to face some life altering news. The fibroid was a rare aggressive cancer and it could spread. Of course I was afraid and heartbroken. I never thought this would be my story. I wanted to be a healer not broken. But here I was staring down scary words and feeling hunted by something I can not see. I won’t go through all the moments of panic or fears I allowed to plague my mind- you can imagine I’m sure. I dedicated myself this past month to every healing practice modality and food that would nourish my body and lift my spirit. I know God loves me because everything I needed was carefully placed in my path…I just followed the breadcrumbs and soaked in the kindness and love that flowed to me. Every day I have placed myself in the hands of God and asked to be filled with divine love. And so I was. Today as I lay in the Jurivinski awaiting a CT scan to determine why my tummy is swelling and causing me pain I am prompted to break my silence and reach out to you- my next Healers. It is time for me to ask you for light . Every day when I was on CHCH ‘a Morning Live I would drive to work at 4am in the dark and bless all of you. I truly love each of you more than I can express. Every show I asked God to let the light shine through me and lift you up. It was never about the forecast or being on TV, it was always about bringing the light. I held love in my heart for you through -40 and on my most tired days because I wanted so much to lift you and make you feel happy. I still do. We are all connected. When you suffer I suffer , when I  faulter you do and when  one of us is healed we all feel the healing. We are amidst a great shift, life is pulling at us demanding we wake up or we will suffer. Let’s hold hands and do it together. As I write this on my iPhone from a hospital bed I am aware of both the beauty and urgency of this experience. I don’t plan on dying right now- I choose to live and now I ask for your help. We are going to start a Love Revolution. Once you read this would you please immediately share it and then set a daily reminder in your phone or calendar. Every day see me wrapped in Gods Divine Love and fully healed and then ask for the same love for yourself knowing that you are worthy – Remembering you already have my love . This is our birthright and we must act from love now and always. Don’t learn the hard way like me. I always gave my love away and never felt worthy to receive it. Now I know I must in order to heal myself and all of us. Please don’t be sad for me just know that this experience I am in is just a messenger- to us all. Make my lesson matter – share this, send love and know that all is well. blessings always – I love you. Nicola

533 Responses to “What happened to Nicola Jones?”

  1. Brad Marple says:

    Nicola, thoughts and prayers are with you. I know Barb has been worried inside wondering what was going on. I believe you will beat this. Keep your positive attitude. We are all here for a reason and you have so much still to share

    Love Brad

    • Dave Watson says:

      Dear Nicola , your such a young strong lady we all know you will get through this. We all miss hearing you and seeing you on Morning Live, it’s not the same without you . We all love you !! Your in all our prayers .

    • Sergio Spadafora says:

      Nicola, it is very courageous of you to share this with your friends. I’m sending lots of healing thoughts and prayers your way.

    • Andy catier says:

      Hi Nicola, I have been wondering where you were, we have missed you on the show. I think you are truly one of the best at CHCH.
      It’s seems you have a fight on your hands, I love how you are staying positive that’s awesome.. But I must be truthful and say that it saddens me to see you are going through this. So like so many other, you will be in our thoughts and prayers.
      Stay strong and stay positive you can win.. .
      On a side note , you and my daughter Hollie went to Parkdale school together , it’s a small world.
      It’s also a world of caring people and for those of us that have enjoyed on CHCH ,we share our strength .
      Best regards
      Andy CATIER

    • Carla Piccioni says:

      Reading this was like reading my life for the past two years. Same pain, same soul-searching, same fears and the same cancer. With the immense love of my family and friends, as well as the expertise of the oncologists, doctors and nurses at the Juravinski Cancer Centre, I am now able to continue my healing. My thoughts and love are with you Nicola. Please stay strong and positive.

    • Anita says:

      Nicola, so sorry to hear your news, you are missed dearly, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!! May God give you strength through this long road.

    • Lucie McLaughlin says:

      I have been wondering what happened to you for a while now because I like seeing you in the morning before I go to work. Our prayer and thoughts are with you. Hope you are getting better.

    • Scott Garrick says:

      Nicola, my deepest thoughts are with you and your family. Thank you for your message, you’ve made me appreciate life much more. We will all pull through.

    • sara says:

      Positive thoughts going your way!

        • Maria says:

          Hi! Nicole Jones I am very sad to read your health situation you will be on my prays just remember the best real Is God just have trust in the Lord He Loves you and everyone else loves you i am sure we all after reading your situation is going to Pray for God Bless i love you !!!!xxoo

          • Ray Cornell says:

            Good Morning

            Have missed you on CH in the morning. Am looking forward to having you back on CH in the future. One spot you always did was with animals from one of the HS in the area; seeing a number of these made me realize what was missing in my life-a dog-his name is Bucky, a rescue dog, and he has you to thank for opening me up to adopting him. He has been given a second chance, and you are going to have one too!
            Proverbs 3, verses 5 and 6 says “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart,and do not rely on your own insight, in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths”.
            I do not just believe this, I have seen it demonstrated in my life, and you will see it in yours too!
            You are going to get well, you are going to get back to work, but take your time because you have all of the time in the world.


    • Maryann says:

      Nicola you are not alone, you have the Great Physician by your side. My prayers are with you

    • Monika says:

      I am sorry this is happening, and I just wanted to join your army of support & positivity. Being positive is incredibly tough & it is your toughness that will persevere. I will think of you daily as healing, not suffering, as winning, not battling & as vivacious, not gasping. I do hope you will share updates when inspired as it is your updates that will rejuvenate the energy!
      Be well & fierce!!

    • Krista Stone says:

      Nicola, I’ve been thinking about you and wondered what was happening with you.. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I pray to God everyday to shine his light your way. Please get well soon, you can beat this….

  2. steve lambert says:

    Hi Nicola….sitting hear reading about your story in stunned silence….so very sorry to hear of your serious health issues …I was a cargiver and witnessed a lot of the emotions you talk about when my wife Steph passed in 2002….I commend you on your strength to engage in this battle and in making your story public, perhaps allowing others to benefit from your courage.. You will be in my prayers … Take care and I think you have all the spiritual fortitude you need to win this …..


  3. My offer still stands and we are all fiercely with you. ~ karen

    • Marg Gaffney says:

      My thoughts & prayers are with you . After reading this I hope my strenght can be as strong as yours . Everyday The Lord gives strenght to someone hopefully your strenght will help in your healing process . You are missed. xoxo

  4. Marg Harris says:

    Oh Nicola!!…….Your story is both heartwrenching, yet beautifully expressed!! I was so moved!! I wish you nothing but a speedy recovery, so that you can return to CH, to continue your wonderful part in allowing us to enjoy your wit and grace. Thankyou for sharing yourself with us!!…..prayers and lots of hugs are sent your way!!

  5. Lisa Knap says:

    Get well Nicola. Sending love and good wishes your way.

  6. Erica says:

    My arms are wrapped around you giving you an big hug. My thoughts, prayers are also with you. My sister had the same rare cancer and so I know of the pain you feel. I know you will have quite a bit of support from family, friends and fans. Keep up your will to live and positive manner because those are important during this journey.

  7. Sharon Ouellette says:

    I send my love, thoughts & prayers <3

  8. Chantal Kelly-Neves says:

    My heart and prayers are with you today and always.
    You are a warrior and can fight this battle. I know that you will take each step of healing with strength and courage because that is just who YOU are!
    Sending you love, white light, peace and most of all a big (((hug)))
    Chantal xx

  9. Jennifer says:

    Dear Nicola,
    Beautiful letter. My hubby has an aggressive form of brain cancer and he was given 6 months to a year to live over a year and a half ago. We’ve been through a lot. We opted for cannabis oil treatment and he’s surprising all of his doctors! It’s an amazing plant and I hope you look into it. I will keep you in my prayers and am thinking good thoughts for you. xo

  10. Fiona Moore says:

    Nicola my beautiful cousin,
    I’m so saddened and sorry to hear you news.
    Even though we are miles apart my prayers and deepest thoughts are with you at this difficult time. Xxxxxxxxx

  11. Gord says:

    get well soon – you are an inspiration to all

  12. Lisa says:

    ~ sending good positive energy, love & light your way ! insert cyber hug here !

  13. Bill Mehlenbacher says:

    Sending my Prayers and Love to you, you are a very brave girl to let us all know
    here is to a speedy recovery. love bill

  14. Dana says:

    I will say a prayer often for you. Your words are beautiful. It is a positive message even during what most be a extremely difficult time. Thank you for sharing. You are an inspiration

  15. Jane says:

    As you said to me once “you have an army of love supporting you”. I m here for you. I love you and you are the messenger. This is not the end. I envision you healed & well so you can continue to be a light in the world. xo

  16. Sandy Rosenthal says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  17. Silvana Baccega says:

    Dear Nicola,
    I don’t know you past what I see on CH but I believe you to have a genuine beauty; inside & out.
    Hugs & healing arms surround you. I feel hope and golden hues of faith & a core belief of a healthy future for you as I read your blog!
    God Bless you through this new life travel & may he keep you safe!
    Keeping you in my thoughts & prayers!
    Silvana xox

  18. Josie Maljar says:

    Dearest Nicola, I remember you fondly from Alpha at St. Gabriel’s in Burlington. You would show up with a beautiful dog that I believe was being prepped as a companion for the visually impaired. I admired you from a distance. My cousin April posted this on Facebook and I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to read your eloquently written thoughts. I relate so well with the thoughts of – hey, this wasn’t my plan! I was supposed to do this, and be here, and see that and so on and so on. I’ve heard that God chuckles when we make plans. I believe He does, because His are so much better! For myself, I’ve been forced to reevaluate and truly appreciate what is important in my life and it definitely has nothing to do with money, stuff or prestige! I will keep you in my prayers and daily rosary. Nicola, you will be an even more loving and empathetic, beautiful woman, if that is even possible…gathering from what I’ve seen and heard! God bless you and Mother Mary wrap Her loving arms around you to comfort you through this trial. You will be fine….because, Nicola, you “get it”. With affection, Josie

  19. I will carry your heart in my heart…and I can do ANYTHING for you…please let me know.

    • Darlene says:

      You are a beautiful strong young woman,mother and wife ,I believe with all the prayers and love from your CH family and viewers you will win this battle. Your name will be spoken by many in our prayers and God will answer as He can see that your love for Him is real In my thoughts and prayers

  20. Mark says:

    We don’t know each other but I’ve been a fan since Morning Live was in its infancy, so I feel like I know you. In the last year I’ve lost a half dozen friends to Cancer and I’ll share with you the same thing I told them: I wish cancer was a person so I could take it out to the alley and revoke it’s breathing privileges. lol Just a little levity because laughter is the best medicine. :-)
    I’m not a religious man Nicola, but I do support anything that allows another person to get thru their day. Surround yourself in anything and everything it takes for you to maintain the fantastic headspace that you are in. Fight hard and I will keep you in my thoughts and hope for a quick and painless victory for you!

  21. Dawn Nichol says:

    Nicola love and blessings to you….
    Healing thoughts and prayers coming your way every day!!!
    Set in my reminders to send you positive loving energy… Already Perfect and Healed you are!

  22. Beverley says:

    Watched you faithfully on CHCH. My thoughts, prayers and love are with you. Love you.

  23. Caroline says:

    When I think of Nicola Jones, I think beauty inside and out(I only know her from the chch, and have really missed her spunk and great smile in the mornings when I get ready for my day). Nicola, your letter is an inspiration and I wish you a full recovery and the strength to get thru this. You will be in my prayers.

  24. sharman says:

    May God bless you with a speedy recovery and may you feel his love every day. We are rooting for you!!!

  25. Paul Reilly says:

    Nicola, thoughts and prayers are with you. Keep your positive attitude. We are all here for you and a speedy recovery.

  26. Christy says:

    Sending you love and light! I believe in the power of positive thought… and I am sending you positive thoughts for a healthy recovery. Thinking about you

  27. Dean Stoltz says:

    Nicola my friend. So sad and shocked to read this. Be strong. Sending peace, love and prayers your way.

  28. Mandy says:

    Sending much love and support to Beautiful You <3

  29. Kathy says:

    Dear Nicola, Our God is a mighty God and He hears our every prayer!! I uplift you in Love & Prayers!! Stay strong and positive and feel the love of those around you and the Power of God!!

  30. Michele Witley says:

    Dear Nicola,
    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
    Take things one hour at a time and know
    you can do this. You are not alone. The
    Lord promises to never leave us nor forsake us.
    He will be your strength when you are weak
    and your source of peace.

  31. Sending you immense love and healing light xo

  32. Steph says:

    Hi Nicola

    I’m sorry to hear about you health challenge at the moment. I’m definite praying for you to get through this. If you ever want to try Reiki therapy let me know I’m a registered nurse and reiki master. Def would help with any pain and symptom relief.

    Take care of yourself

  33. Melissa Sault says:

    My dear Nicola. Sending healing thoughts and much love to you, and to your son & family. You’ve got this girlfriend!

  34. Caolyn says:

    Words cannot express…be strong…get well…God bless.

  35. Jessica Hill says:

    My thoughts & prayers are with you Nicola , I always asked my mom ” I wonder where Nicola went” you’re such a beautiful woman ! I believe you can beat this <3 sending my love and prayers from Hamilton , Ontario

  36. Arthur Greenblatt says:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you. My family has been stunned by your news. Please get well soon!

  37. Sal P says:

    Praying and good thoughts from my Family to you with all the love we have please be brave god will handle the rest tc

  38. Bonnie says:

    You are sadly missed. You are so caring person and miss you on CHCH in the mornings but, you need time to get well and live life to the fullest of joy, peace and LOVE. And now with you in pain we send you are love, prayers and warm wishes to get better and we will see you back in CHCH and back in our houses again


  39. Wanda says:

    May Blessings and Healing White Light be set apon you ! Absorb all the Love and Energy that we are sending you ! The Power is with you,Bless You !

  40. Cathy says:

    God Bless you Nicola,
    You will not be taken on any journey alone. Know that your story is an inspiration for others. While you may not want to fight in public it may provde you inspiration and support. Keep the faith and never give up.

  41. Fiona says:

    Nicola, sending you positive energy and prayers your way. You have such a strong and positive spirit, you will do fine! Please know that we are all rooting for you! Keep fighting the good fight!

  42. Dawn Pinto says:

    Wishing you to get well and strong and will say a prayer to heal you. My husband and I often wondered where you went when we didn’t see you on Morning Live. We are both so sorry to hear this sad news, you have been through a lot these past months.

    May God Be With You.

    Stay Positive.

    Dawn and Lazaro Pinto

  43. Bryan says:

    Your beauty is missed!!! Beat this and look forward to seeing you again at CH

  44. Debbie Chapman says:

    Nicola, you are very much in our thoughts and prayers…. stay positive, and have only good thoughts and goodness around you. We will certainly share ours. Ask and ye shall receive… :)

  45. Pam Finton says:

    I will send positive energy to you daily Nicola….the road you will travel will be bumpy but at the end is a smooth ride…..well wishes to you

  46. Doug says:

    Get well Nicola. Was just wondering a couple of days ago were you are. Have missed you and your beautiful smile. Keep looking up the good Lord is with you. I just went through with my brother a bout of cancer there at Jurivinski, he was given less than 2 weeks, with the grace of God and all the staff and Dr there he went 15 months. They are fantastic there. My Prayers are with you for a speedy complete recovery. Waiting to see on CHCH again. Thanks for the information. Get Well very soon. Hugs

  47. Edie says:

    So sorry to read this , you are a very strong lady and you will fight this battle together with all the support from family , friends co-workers and all the ones that follow this post . I am sending you prayers and hugs Nicola , :)
    God Bless you for being strong enough to letting all know what is happening , it takes a lot of strength to be able to tell millions of people your personal problems , get well soon , God’s speed dear lady <3
    Keep the faith , it does go a long way. <3

  48. Samantha says:

    You are truly inspiring! Despite fighting & winning a battle of cancer myself, I have lost my way. Know that I will share this & hold you in my thoughts daily. I haven’t prayed in a very long time. Today I will break my fast. Your light will shine always.

  49. Rosanne Allen says:

    May God’s healing arms be wrapped tightly around you now and always.

  50. Nicola our thoughts prayers and positive vibes are coming your way. You are missed . and we wish you a speedy and full recovery

  51. Crystal says:

    Nicola, my family and I are very sorry to hear this. Get well soon. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Clearly you are a very strong woman and we know you will get through this. Keep smiling.

  52. Virginia says:

    Heartbroken for you. Keep believing in the light of love that is flowing in your direction. God bless, Virginia

  53. Denise says:

    Sending good thoughts and positive energy your way

  54. Brenda Thomson says:

    Nicola, your story is an inspiration to us all….You never know what our future holds and you are missed by us viewers on CHCH… You are being strong and we are sure there will be a happy landing!!!

  55. Lou says:

    Sweet Nicola:

    Be strong, get well.

  56. Bonnie says:

    We were wondering where you were, always enjoyed you every morning. So sorry to hear of your struggles but admire you very much for sharing this. Keep positive thoughts & know you have a lot of people rooting for you. Wishing you a speedy & full recovery & looking forward to seeing you on CHCH again!

  57. Phyllis says:

    Nicola — you will be in my prayers daily — never give up and always trust in our Father to guide us where our next adventure lies. Life is full of changes but if we trust in God he will always be there for us. I pray for your complete recovery and appreciate all your love you’ve extended to everyone around you — even myself, as a CH listener — I miss your morning chats and look forward to one day seeing you back. God bless you dear lady.

  58. Tammy says:

    Nicola, I had been surprised with breast cancer and like you I took a positive light approach. Though we don’t always understand our journey we can learn and love for each and every beautiful day. I will send good thoughts and light your day and pray for your pain to end. You have given to all now we will reciprocate our love back to you!

  59. Amie says:

    Such terrible news. I thank you for sharing your story. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Wishing good health and a total recovery! Looking forward to seeing you back on TV real soon! Be strong…

  60. Vicky says:

    Peace & Love are surrounding you, breathe it in.

  61. Jen says:


    Sending lots of healing and positive vibes your way. Miss seeing your beautiful smile on CH. Get well soon

    Jen XOXO

  62. Marg Munro says:

    just about everyday my husband says (I wonder what happened to Nicola?) we were happy to see you come back after a long absence and then you were gone again.
    We have a daughter who has bone cancer there is no cure but she goes 2days a week for treatment and by the Grace of god she is still with us.
    She is my last thought every night as I pray to St Jude to keep her with us. will include you in that prayer as well.
    Dianne is only53 years old.
    God bless you we miss you and hope to see you back again soon.

  63. Aaron says:

    You are strong and beautiful. Hold on and remain positive. Sending strength and faith your way today and everyday.

  64. kevin says:

    Get well and GOD BLESS YOU from all CH viewers

  65. Kim says:

    Hi Nicola,

    You are a strong woman and you have spirit beyond your words – beyond your thoughts – I can sense it in you. You will get well. I will send positive energy your way….Thanks for being you.


  66. Sarah says:

    Sending warm thoughts to you. Stay positive, it’s the best medicine. I will be keeping you in my prayers.

  67. Jim Garnett says:

    Nicola, I was wondering where you had been! I’m sorry to hear about your medical problems. Since leaving CHCH in 2011 I’ve sat opposite two doctors who have stated the conversations ‘I have some bad news for you…’ One illness there is no cure for, the other there is some hope. An offshoot of the first illness is I’ve had part of my right foot amputated and it seems like I’m due for another amputation fairly soon. I live in the UK at the moment while I get to grips with my own issues and some other family problems – my mother needs pretty much constant care as she has dementia so that’s my life when I’m not sleeping or working! I miss the newsroom terribly… i used to work mostly weekends and would be in fits of laughter watching TNag trying to make sure she was assigned the ‘lead’ story and even bigger fits of laughter as Lisa Knap would relate stories from her teaching life. Never mind missing Selena, Steve and the rest of the crew. Drop me a line if there’s anything I can do. Love Jim

  68. Aimee says:

    You will be healthy..invision it…know it and beieve it.
    Positive energy your way :))

  69. Midge says:

    Oh Nicola- I am shocked by your sad news. I’m sorry to hear this. For some reason I know you ‘got this’. Stay strong.
    Sending you positive enery and a huge hug.

  70. Aldengirl says:

    Nicola, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Let us carry the fear and focus on yourself and your family, ask for help as you need and you will find yourself shoulder to shoulder with people who love you. A

  71. Maureen says:

    Going to Palm Sunday mass today, will be praying and sending positive thoughts your way.
    I see your battle, just know we are with you! You’ ve got this Nicola!

  72. Laurie Johnston says:

    Godspeed Nicola. I spend 5:30 to 7:15am every Monday to Friday watching CHCH. The most joy is your laughter and smile. Its just not the same without you. My husband and I miss you and our prayers are with you and your family. You are loved by many and never alone.

  73. Donna Spettigue says:

    I was deeply touched reading your words and that you chose to share this journey with your fans. Will be thinking of you and sending you positive thoughts. I have found that the universe has a plan for all of us and what ever place we find ourselves it was meant to be. The reason may not be clear at the time but does become clear. Your decision to share your journey was meant to be and asking us all to wrap you in our hearts and keep you within that positive light is the hardest request but also the easiest. You are not alone on this journey. Wishing you peace and love

  74. Sara says:

    Nicola, as someone who also had cancer, I understand some of your fears. You are in my prayers brave lady.

  75. donna stampone says:

    My heart, thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I have the pleasure of teaching your son and your positive attitude and live for life shines through him. Four years ago I was diagnosed with cancer for the second time, prayer and the support if family, friends and the community gave me so much strength and positive energy to get through this tough time. Bug hugs

  76. Sally says:

    Nicola, I wondered where you were. I am truly sorry to hear of your news. Know that you are in good hands at the juravinski hospital and clinic. I too have been on the roller coaster of cancer for 5 years. I am not cured but I am in a good place right now, living life as best I can and loving each day. I truly believe I am still here because of my positive attitude, many prayers and the love and support of my family and friends…..and of course my wonderful oncologist and her nurse. Stay strong and be positive….you will be challenged and face many ups and downs. Be thankful for each small feat and thank God every morning that you wake up. I wish you a miracle to get through this but mostly I wish you many good days among your journey to beat this horrible disease. One day at a time Nicola, one day at a time.

  77. Phyllis says:

    Hi Nicola: My prayers and thoughts are with you. Wishing you a speedy recovery, Take care of yourself. Yes we do miss you on CHCh morning live. Take care my love goes out to you.

  78. Pam King says:

    beautiful letter – sending you peace & energy from Niagara.
    - (( )) xx

  79. Lynda Tarves says:

    NICOLA I send special hugs love and prayers your way It is very upsetting when we are always the one protecting and nurturing others to find out that we have to start taking care of ourselves. I became very sick at the end of last year not near as sick as you are and was off work for weeks. By the grace of God I feel much better bit I am still taking tests to find out things that are wrong. He truly helps to get through each day. You will be on my prayer list and may God bless you and your family and help you get through this. I believe in miracles Lynda

  80. Ron says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you, Nicola. You will pull through this.

  81. Michele says:

    Prayers and thoughts of healing coming your way! May God hold your hand through your healing.

  82. Connie says:

    Nicola…may God Bless you with his love! Keeping you in my daily prayers!

  83. Kathy Downey says:

    Today in my short “Jesus Calling” devotional, I was encouraged to trust Him. And that is always a choice. So I pray, dear Father, that Nicola will stay on the path of Life with You, that she will enjoy your presence and that she wii always choose to trust you in spite of and in the centre of her circumstances! Psalm 31:14
    I will look forward to seeing you again with Annette and Lorie and Leslie and that crazy Bob of course!

  84. Michelle says:

    You are in my thoughts and prayers but you are a wonderful positive energy that can beat anything. The morning is not the same without you and I can’t wait to see your wonderful smile and energy helping me start my day. Good luck on your journey and positive thoughts are coming your way.

  85. Vikki says:

    Cancer is so evil and continues to affect so many wonderful people. May God Bless you and give you and your family strength and the power to fight!! Positive thoughts and Prayers for you all. Take Care!

  86. Maria Catacchio says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time . Think positive and keep strong. Hugs and kisses Maria

  87. Christine Redman-Goulding says:

    Dear Nicola, I am saddened to hear your news but can tell, through your positive spirit and uplifting, heartfelt words, that you have the strength to beat anything. May God bless you and guide you during this difficult time and may you feel the love and strength of your many, many supporters. Wishing you nothing but light, love and healing.

  88. Elly says:

    I work at a grocery store and a lot of people who work there have been wondering what happened to you, now we know.
    Sending you hugs and prayers and love and may my guardian angels wrap their wings around you and keep you safe!

  89. You are Light and Love, my dear friend.
    Sending you all my Reiki healing energies.

  90. Bira says:

    You will beat this! Keeping you in my prayers.

  91. Daphne says:

    I don’t have the strength or love that you have, but you need everything you can get. Here’s some of mine…

  92. Steve says:

    Let the Love flow into you we are all here for you.

  93. Debbie says:

    Nicola; We miss your episodes on CH. You are a beautiful person inside and out. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way. xxxooo

  94. Nancy says:

    Nichola: I don’t know you – but, have watched you on CHCH – I’m very saddened to read your words. I wish nothing but the best of outcomes – I will send blessing of positivity to you! God Bless

  95. Mary Mason says:

    Nicola – You are missed very much and can hardly wait to see you smiling and joking again first thing in the morning on CHCH. Stay positive, know you are loved and that everyone is sending you strength and prayers as you take this new journey. I am sending you positive energy along with many hugs.

  96. Michele says:

    Dear Nicola, it’s with a heavy heart that I am reading this. For you and for all the other innocents that this ugly disease has fallen upon. These days everyone is affected by cancer somehow in their lives. Your attitude and strenght will be your saving grace. Thank you for sharing your story and my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  97. Heather says:

    Oh dear Nicola, we are so sorry for what you are going through. You are a very beautiful and inspirational person. Our thoughts and prayers go to you and your family. Stay positive.
    Lots of love from the Whitehouse family xo

  98. Gail says:

    Nicola – you don’t know me but I feel like I have known you for years. I have watched you for years on TV and always thought of you with grace and kindness. You have my prayers and will think of you each day as I drive to work as I go right by the Jurivinski. No point in telling you to be strong and stay positive – you already are. Please know that there are lots of us out there thinking of you and sending our positivity your way. Peace and love be with you.

  99. Annie says:

    Hi Nicola,
    I pray for your quick recovery. You have a calmness and positive nature about you that shines through every time i see you on TV. No matter what the weather is it will be a good day. Stay strong and positive and the sun will shine.

  100. Beth Dohn says:

    Amen Nicola, have missed you but also believe God surrounds us in His loving arms all the time and tighter when we need it. God bless you, give you peace and give you all the strength you need. You will be in my prayers.

  101. Wendy Logan says:

    My husband & I were just wondering the other day how you were doing..we watch CHCH every morning from Peterborough and have missed seeing you..stay strong

  102. Amanda says:

    Wondered why you were not on CH. I had hoped it wasn’t anything serious. My heart & prayers go out to you. Will be thinking of u & sending the best of wishes & thoughts your way. Big hugs. Xo

  103. Catherine says:

    Positive thoughts are the best medicine, be strong. I will pray for you for a full recovery. You are a bright light, we miss you on CHCH

  104. Theresa says:

    So sad to hear this sad news , but you will beat this . Stay Strong !

  105. Kristen says:

    My thoughts and Prayers are with you Nicola. God is a miracle worker and I pray he does a miracle in your life

  106. Sandy Curry says:

    Nicola, sending you the love that you need to heal. I always enjoyed your smile and the way that you made a miserable weather day seemingly not to matter. In the long run the small things in life aren’t that important. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery and hopefully we can make you smile and give you the strength to carry on.

    Love Sandy

  107. Pauline says:

    Hi Nicole, we mised you and wondered what had happened. will keep you in our prayers.

  108. Karin says:

    We miss you, Nicola and wish you a full recovery. Your thoughts are in the right place and so beautifully expressed. Lots of light and healing vibes coming your way. Thank you for sharing your story.

  109. Deb Brown says:

    Sending you love and light, I will sit tonight and have my guides send healing.
    Keep your thoughts positive, and know you have everyone in your corner.
    Blessings xo

  110. CJ says:

    You are truly an inspiration. Love, healing, and God’s richest blessings to you. You have a gift that keeps on giving…we will light your path as you have for us. Keep strong and keep your faith.

  111. Michelle says:

    Nicola, reading your beautiful letter, this timeless poem came to me. My grandmother used to sing it to me as a child and my dear Aunt painted it onto a plaque that was hung in her room. It got me through her passing, and my fathers, mothers, and every struggle that life brings. I want to pass it on to you so that you know that the best is yet to be. You have my love and support and will be in my thoughts.

    THE BEST IS YET TO BE – Unknown
    The best is never over, the best is never gone,
    There’s always something lovely, to keep you struggling on.
    There’s always compensations, for every cross you bear,
    A secret consolation, is hidden somewhere.
    Ends are new beginnings, as one day you will see,
    The best is never over, the best is yet to be.

  112. Everyone in our family are sending you their good wishes, good thoughts & all our prayers to you. You are a wonderful lady & you have god on your side to help you get though all the struggles you will have to go though. As I have lost many family members with this rotten illness I know what you are going though. I know you are a strong lady & will always keep fighting. We miss very much & look forward to seeing you soon all my prayers are with you to get though this battle .Brenda

  113. Llyana says:

    Nicola, I was wondering what had happened to you as well. I guessed that I had missed the moment when they announced that you had taken another job somewhere else…that’s what I assumed. I was very shocked to hear what you are truly going through… heart and as much positivity as I can muster are with you. I just want you to know that you were a much loved part of the Morning Live crew and I hope that you not only kick this cancer in the ass, but that you come back and share your light with all of us. Please keep staying strong and thinking positive….. “gotta kick at the darkness til it bleeds daylight”. Much love, Llyana

  114. Micheline says:

    Nicola, our thoughts, prayers, and positive energy are with you and your beautiful soul! Your positive approach will reflect your outcome! The staff at Evolve Pilates xoxox

  115. Janet Ruthetford says:

    Wow. .. That is powerful. .. sending good thoughts your way and will do as you ask. Love, Janet

  116. Paul Lawrence says:

    my love and warm thoughts and prayers of healing and comfort are heading your way….be well sweet lady…

  117. Gillian Love says:

    Nicola…I only really know you from hearing and seeing you on chch in the morning. I do morning live segments with Lori at the LCBO. My heart is racing after reading your must take this one day at a time and please know I am praying and thinking of you for a healthy recovery. You are a beautiful person who lights up the morning with your smile….that…you have done very well without effort sweet girl! and I truly miss seeing you. Lots of love and hugs and positive energy are sent to you. Thinking on you and wishing you a full recovery! xoxox Keep looking up!!!!!!!

  118. Tammy says:

    I watched you on Chch for many years, i definatley seen how beautiful you are on the outside, reading your story has showed me you are beautiful on the inside as well! I am sending hugs and prayers your way and hope nothing but the best for you!

  119. Diane says:

    Nicola – May God bless you and surround you with angels and white light. Prayers for strength and your recovery. :)

  120. Lori Morrison says:

    Get well Nicola. Sending love and good wishes your way, you are an inspiration to all.

  121. Linda says:

    Hi Nicola , I miss seeing your beautiful face and your cheery personality. Get well soon. I will be praying for God’s healing hand to touch you and heal your body. Never stop being a light..
    God Bless you and yours..In Jesus name heal this beautiful lady with your your healing touch.

  122. Irene says:

    Praying for a speedy recovery!!! ❤️

  123. Kimberley says:

    “Be still and know that I am Lord.” Psalm 46:10
    “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.” Psalm 91:1

    Find peace in The Lord Nicola and let Him set your path. His strength will be your strength, He gives comfort and peace to those who lay their burdens at His feet.
    Bless you dear Nicola and know we’re all behind you praying.

  124. Anita says:

    Keep up with your hot yoga and begin a vegan diet and all will be well. :)

  125. Dannielle says:

    Sometimes tragedy strikes us at the worst moments, I know sadness and hurt and the constant question ” why me” we all go through life thinking nothing will happen to us, and yet when it happens we are surprised and angry, I ask myself everyday why me? And all I can think is that God chooses those to go through life changing ordeals because he has a higher purpose for us, maybe yours will be to teach others about your pain and how we as a whole can find ways to prevent or cure, I wish you speedy recovery and a life of cancer free so that you can continue on the path you were taking when God chose you for this “life pause” and like everyone else get well fast so you can continue you come into our lives every morning just as it should be. :)

  126. Susan C. says:

    Nicola, your viewers most certainly miss you! You have so very much more to do in this life; please continue to envision your eventual wellness. We are all thinking of you!

  127. Teresa Grant says:

    Sending blessings to you…you will get better with all the positive energy you have and know that there are a million prayers being said for you…..Teresa

  128. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Praying lots. Great health to you. God bless!

  129. Mary says:

    Nicola, so sorry you are going through this fight. Stay strong and I pray you are better soon.

  130. Stay positive. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  131. Shannon says:

    My goodness Nicola <3 I have a severe sleep disorder that I have been battling for years and because of this I have become accustomed to switching on the 4am CHCH news every morning!! You can imagine just how happy I was when the time changed from 5:30am to 4:00am…I look forward to watching the news everyday, it has become a morning ritual with me! I have been thinking about you everyday as I watch the news and was happy to get a tiny update on you a few weeks ago :) I hope that God hugs you in the healing love you ask for! You are an inspiration to everyone and I will continue to keep you in my prayers <3 All the best, Shannon

  132. Gina says:

    Nicola, Just a word for you, To let you know
    We’re thinking of you, today
    We want to encourage you, In your walk,
    To press on in God each day
    We know it’s not easy, And the way can be hard,
    But we will be there for you, And know that the Lord
    Is with you each step, And His love will get you through.
    sending you all my love & keeping you in my thoughts and prayers xoxo

  133. Ryan Schroeder says:

    Shocked to say the least…….but your positive outlook is comforting. God has a plan for all of us. We may never understand, or want to accept it, but if we put or faith in Jesus he will walk with us. Prayers are powerful, and God is still making miracles! Praying for healing, keep strong.

    Lots of love :)

  134. Leanne says:

    You are such an inspiration to so many!! I was saddened to hear of your news but I know in my heart that you will prevail! Stay strong, stay positive and know that we do LOVE you!! Beat this!! Xo

  135. Nicola,
    Sending so much love & strength to you and your family. I miss seeing your smile and will picture it as I think positive thoughts for you EVERYDAY.

    Tiffany and the dogs

  136. Jodi mobach says:

    Dear Nicola I have missed your cheery face every morning as I too get up for work very early, now it understand why. I believe in Jesus He is my saviour and I believe in His healing power. Our family will keep you and your family in prayer during our daily devotions. Praying for peace and healing for you.

  137. Michelle Hayes says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. God’s powers are all powerful and healing. Keep a positive mindset and believe that all things are possible. Place your faith in the only one and only Maker. You are a shining star in a dark sky. Never lose faith.

  138. John Mrmak says:

    I enjoyed listening to your soft and soothing voice punctuated with a lovely smile. You are absolutely correct to say that you lifted my spirits. There is nothing that I can say that you probably haven’t already thought yourself except that I will think of you as you recover and will look forward to the morning when you will be back smiling. Cheer up, best days are yet to come!!! It’s too bad that you have to go through this unpleasantness so young. LOL.

  139. gabe says:

    well nicola i actually thought something else when i noticed u gone from chch. i thought shelley marriage had poisened ur morning cup of tea to get ur job! i thought she pulled it off. honey hang tight and know YOU are loved by me. tonite i’ll include u in my prayers to the bearded man in the sky. rock on sweet momma, rock on!

  140. Sandra Carpenter says:

    Nicola, I am stunned at such shocking news. Niw every morning at the times you are ususlly on CHCH I will say a prayer for you and send positive thoughts your way. Please gain strength from all your fans and get well soon. Wishing you all the best xoxo.

  141. Cheryl says:

    Nicola, I work at the Runners Den. You have visited us a few times in your get out there segment. I think I can speak for the rest of us at the Den, you are a lovely and very kind woman and can beat this thing! Our prayers are with you! God bless you!

  142. Andrea says:

    I am saddened to hear what you are going through and my prayers and positive thoughts are sent your way daily. Hope to see you return to CHCH soon!

  143. Brittny says:

    Thinking of your struggle, sending you positive thoughts of strength and wellness.

  144. Trish says:

    Sending you tons of healing and positive thoughts.

  145. Susan Preston says:

    All the best thoughts going your way. Stay strong and keep thinking those positive thoughts. May God Bless You.xox Love Sue P.S. Will a cookie help?

  146. Cathy says:

    Dear Nicola;
    You are very missed each morning -BUT do accept Prayers & Positive thoughts & wishes to heal & Beat this illness with the time it takes to do so.
    God Bless you Always.

  147. Terri says:

    Sending you the warmth and love we all need. You will get through this with God’s grace. Keep your head up :)

  148. olga bye says:

    just to say love you and get well sooooon

  149. Nadine Farkas Pozer says:

    I am glad you followed your heart! I am glad you were our team mate and a familiar face for us on TV. I will pass this message on. Your mission now is to rest and know we love you too! God bless you, always!

  150. Midge says:

    Nicola: Our God is a faithful God, He not only hears our prayers, but knows what we need before it even crosses our thoughts. We don’t know why folks get sick and die, but we do know that He is in control. Look up to Him, read His holy word, His light will shine upon you and bless you. Praying you will have the grace to stay strong and be upheld by Him. God Bless. With my love for you.

  151. Patricia says:

    Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark, in the hopeless swamps of the approximate, the not-quite, the not-yet, the not-at-all. Do not let the hero in your soul perish, in lonely frustration for the life you deserved, but have never been able to reach. Check your road and the nature of your battle.

    The world you desired can be won. It exists, it is real, it is possible, it is yours.
    Through God all things are possible. May his love and grace give you strength to reflect all the beauty and light your soul has to share.

  152. Louise says:

    Our dearest Nicola,
    Feel the love of all who love you…even the fans like me who have never met you. We have tweeted each other a few times along with Annette. I tweeted you a month ago asking where you have been…no reply. I tweeted Annette asking the same…with no reply. Now I understand why. I thank you for opening up to us. Now we know and send all of the love and prayers that you could ever imagine. I will pray daily for your recovery until you come back on here and tell us that you are well. Bless you, sweet Nicola, for you display on CHCH of love, compassion, faith, humour and gentleness. I miss you terribly on Morning Live and can’t wait for your return. Please keep us updated now that we know. Keep a song in your heart. This saying as so much meaning to our family so I want to share it with you. Louise

  153. Francine says:

    Keep you eyes fixed heavenward Nicola and God will give you peace and strength. Thank you for the beautiful message and know that you are loved, not only by many here, but especially by God..and He will take care of you.Blessings..

  154. Dan says:

    Hi Nicola. I am just one of the many viewers that have noticed your absence every morning. My family and I are sorry to hear of your difficult road. You are in our prayers. Please know that by sharing your story, you have allowed so many others to be praying for you. Be at Peace and know that you are loved by so many. Blessings.

  155. anna says:

    Hi Nicola
    I am so sorry to hear about your health problems we miss you on CHCH
    my prayers are with you hope you get better soon

  156. shannon says:

    Hugs and positive thoughts for you and your family.

  157. Rob says:

    Hi Nicola. You did a show once last year with my children on archery and we told them about this and they were sad to hear the news. My daughter has asked me to tell you that you should drink that nuti bullet stuff it helps with cancer. Bless her heart. She also says ” hello its mackenzie from archery, i hope you get better soon and hugs and kisses love mackenzie!

  158. Sue says:

    Sending you positive thoughts and prayers. I watch you every morning and could just tell you are a genuine and sweet person. I will set the alarm on my cell to send you healing thoughts. Love you, Nicola, get well xox

  159. Hi Nicola.
    I am very sorry to hear of your challenges. I will keep you in my Prayer for Supernatural healing from god our All knowing and loving.
    I have only found out via Facebook. I do not watch TV as I spend most of my time Online.
    I sent you my website so you can read research on a new supplement now online which have been approved by health Canada.
    It is for Cancer and Diabetes. i have diabetes and have been using it for almost 1 year and i should say i am well.
    I hope this is a gift i am able to pass on to you.
    Love and Blessings from God.

  160. Linda Draddy says:

    Nicola: My husband and I are shocked at this news….you have done the right thing by writing your thoughts so that we many all offer strength through whatever means one person can do this…..for me that is prayer….never give up…stay positive.
    Peter and Linda Draddy

  161. Cindy M says:

    Stay strong warrior woman! A battle should never be gone through by just one person and you have a lot of love, light and strength! Many people are with you physically and spiritually, and I wish you peace and light through each step you take.

  162. Donna Rogers says:

    Dear Nicola – I am holding your hand and sending you love and light. All your friends that watched you every morning will give you all the strength you need to get well. Sending you prayers from my family. Get well soon. Positive thoughts only going your way.

  163. Tracy says:

    Nicola you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  164. Tina F says:

    Nicola…How beautifully written Our prayers are with you Prayers help trust me they will carry you though.. I have been carried through Let our love and prayers guide you to the strength you need and the courage we will send to you You are a strong woman and so full of life Its not your time You still have much more to do …HUGS and prayers I am sending to you and tons of positive energy

  165. Andrea says:

    Dear Nicola, I have following you on facebook and reading your tweets daily, as my friends and famiky know I have been very worried about you. I will pray for you and your son. You have always and will always be in my thoughts each day either from watching you on chch or reading your tweets. I am sending my strength and love to you. You are strong this is just a bump in the road for you. I love you. Andrea

  166. Karin says:

    Nicola my thoughts and prayers are with you.

    I know just how much this changes your life. I had a hysterectomy in July 2012 which then lead to the discovery of a tumor in my lung. Life changes when you get the final word that you have cancer. I ended up having 2/3″s of my lung removed. Life changes but it makes you even stronger. It is a fight but one that we win. You are very strong and young so I have every confidence that you will beat this awful thing we call cancer. Best of luck.

  167. Bert says:

    Love to you Nicola , my prayers will be daily asking for love to fill you up and God’s healing hand on you making you well as you continue to inspire us all.

  168. Elesha says:

    Nicola, much love and prayers being sent to you. I will pass along your story to let others know to also send you prayers. Keep shining❤❤❤

  169. Vittoria DeSimone-Maida says:

    From the bottom of my heart I send you love and healing. I share your vision and belief that we are all one …. Know that I shall think of you often. Please continue to have strength and courage through this difficult challenge.

    Warm blessings


  170. Leanne says:

    Hello Nicola
    I am so truly sorry to hear the news that you have posted…don’t know if you’ll remember me but your little guy was in my preschool…my heart is so sad to read that you are not well…please stay strong…you have shared your pain many prayers and positive energy will be going your way…many blessings and love to you!! (hugs hugs hugs)

  171. Sarah-Jane says:

    Nicola, you are in my thoughts and prayers and I wish you a speedy recovery. Thank you for sharing your most difficult journey, I hope and pray that it is all happier trails and good news from here on in. In the spirit of Love and Healing, Sarah-Jane xoxo

  172. Linda Devine says:

    Nicola, what an amazing woman you are, we miss you on the show and hope you will be back soon…xx

  173. Susan says:

    Nicola, thanks so much for sharing your story. I watched you each morning from Huntsville and miss your smile, and your personal touch that you brought to each day. Sending prayers of healing and hugs to you. May God Bless you. xoxo

  174. Nicola T. says:

    Prayers for healing, strength and God’s peace.

    I admire you message to your friends. Your faith will get you through this battle!

    Nicola T.

  175. john m says:

    only seeing you on television, regardless, hoping that things work out for the best and a speedy recovery is coming your way!!!

  176. barb pearce says:

    stay calm hard to do, but say prayers every day and ask god to help heal you. he does do miracles and i think you are going to be one he cures.

  177. Nicole says:

    May God bless you Nicola, you are beautiful inside and out, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

  178. Jennifer J says:

    I accept your love only to pass it back to you in layers and layers of repeat. Your gift with words, touched me and everyone else. There are bigger plans for you, this you will face and fight and beat… And continue your gift of Words, love, light and life!!!

  179. Rae says:

    Nicola – we have missed you every morning. We hoped you had gone on to another station. I will hold you in my heart and wish you all the best as you work thru this challenge.

  180. karen says:

    kick CANCERS ASS !!!fight hard Nicola xoxo

  181. donnie coy says:

    Stay Strong!!

  182. Christie says:

    Nicola, I’ve watched you on CH for so long, I feel like I know you personally. So, as I would with anyone I “know” who is going through a difficult time, I paused and prayed that you would be filled with the peace of God that passes all understanding.

  183. Lori Lynn says:

    I have been there…Faith, Hope and Love…will get you to where you need to be…Trust in God! Jesus is the Healer! Blessings to you and your family. in Christ, Lori Lynn

  184. Leigh-Anne says:

    I went through a similar frightening experience last year and a divine power stepped in and gave me joyous news that my tumour was benign. I believe the same will happen for you! I miss you on CHCH and hope and pray for your speedy recovery and return. Please know that there are so many people wishing you the very best!

  185. Judy Holbrook says:

    Dear Nicola.. Thank you for allowing us to share in your journey, and to share with you the the healing power that comes from united hearts full of love and prayers, God holds you in the palm of his hand.Know that you are in my prayers and I will pass your message on. For now, precious girl, rest; wrapped in the wings of angels as you heal… sending prayers your way.. Love and failth will lift you… hugs, Judy

  186. diana says:

    He will send His angels to hold you. Know how many love you and send positive thoughts and prayers to give you strength.

  187. Lorraine Phillips-Chafik says:


    I could not believe as I read your words just what you are going through. Such a vibrant, healthy and happy spirit to have to deal with this….it really saddened me. Please know that we all (all your loyal fans) will keep you in our prayers and pray for this cancer to be gone from your body and let you continue spreading the joy and happiness that you have done so far. You are not done yet Nicola….we won’t let you be!!! All the best to you and your family. Please keep us posted!! I want to be able to read the post the day you write you are cancer free and kicked it’s ass!!!! :)
    Kindest Regards,
    Lorraine Phillips-Chafik

  188. Anne Zulian says:

    Hi Nicola, fellow student and Reiki Master. I just heard your story. You are strong, and when you feel you are not, your classmates will be sending you tons of healing energy. Best wishes to you.
    Annie Z

  189. Gail says:

    I used to believe that God only gives us what we can handle but recently I changed it to “I can handle whatever comes my way because God is there it help me.” You have expressed this beautifully in your letter. Know that you have many people holding you in their prayers.

  190. Crystal says:

    Sending you Lots of love support and positive energy you can beat this…You are in our thoughts and our prayers ech and everyday.

  191. Bahram says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you Nicola.

  192. wendy payne says:

    Sorry to hear this news Nicola I hope only good things for you. You have been missed in the morning and I hope you get well and can return to your job. I send only good thoughts and prayers.

  193. Lee-Anne says:

    Nicola – thank you for sharing your deepest emotions at such a trying time. I do not know you but wanted you to know that you DID shine God’s grace each time you appeared on television. My prayers will surely include you: that you will be healed from this disease; that God will continue to use you; that there will be peace for you and your family and friends; and that, no matter what trials may come, you know how much you are loved. God is with you every step of this journey. Bless you Nicola.

  194. Donna says:


    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I have had the pleasure of teaching your son and your strength and love for life comes through in him. I battled cancer for the second time four years ago and the positive energy of family, friends and the community gave me the strength to beat this disease.. Just as I was going double mystectomy, surgery, the school I teach at had a prayer service, the feeling I had coming out of that surgery was undescribable. The strength and comfort of knowing people are there to support and love you was overwhelming. God bless you Nicola . I know this is a scary time but your positive attitude will allow you to get through this

  195. Joanne says:

    Hello Nicola

    My dear father is also in a hospital bed at Juravinski right now battling pancreatic cancer. I pray all the time for him, knowing there’s no cure for him now but wishing him no pain and the chance to enjoy his family right til the end. I will now be praying for you as well so that you have a quick recovery.

  196. Kathryn Johnson says:

    Your words are inspirational, strong and powerful…just like you have and will continue to be for a long time. Yoiu have many many more years to shed light upon us all. Look forward to seeing you back soon.

  197. Lynnebourne says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about this sad news, but stay positive and you will win this battle! Never give up Nicola! I can see how brave and positive you are! Good things will come your way very soon!! You’re tough and you can do this!!! I’m praying for you! Remember don’t ever give up!!! Stay strong beautiful!!

  198. Sharon bee says:

    Nicola. You will be in my prayers daily. God I lift Nicola up to you for healing in her body. i ask that you wrap your loving arms around her and give her strength and love and healing. In this we ask in Jesus ‘ name Amen

  199. Rosanne says:

    Dear Nichola My thoughts, prayers and love are with you. I know you will get well. Hugs

  200. Lynne C says:

    Hi Nicola: Strength to you at this challenging time. 30 years ago, when I was a young mother, with 3 kids under age 4, my husband, age 25, was diagnosed with cancer. It was a bleak time. I want you to know that this journey will teach you. It will define for you what is precious in life. And it will set you free in ways you cannot yet imagine. And my husband? He is beside me, well and cancer free, (age 55), playing with our grandchildren. Believe you can, and you will.

  201. Chrystal Lemery says:

    Nicola ~ First and foremost, Thank you. Thank you for sharing, inspiring and teaching. My hope for you is that your body stay strong and that you keep your mind and soul at peace. Much Love <3

  202. Annie Vecsey says:

    Dear Nicola,
    Finally I have the answer!! I wondered every morning what had happened to you. You are so missed. May good health find you and the good Lord hold you close Nicola. Just be possitive and believe. Sending you many prayers.
    God bless

  203. Kirsten (Guild) Etmanski says:

    Beautifully & eloquently written Nicola.
    Thinking of you …
    Stay strong, believe & get well.
    Sending best wishes for a successful treatment & speedy recovery your way.

  204. Helen Hulbert says:

    Dear Nicola, my heart aches for you, you are such a beautiful spirit, have liked you since chch started it’s morning live show, you are in my thoughts and prayers, please be well again.

  205. Deanne says:

    God bless you. I don’t know you personally. I just read what has been going on. Please lean on your faith because God does love you and what ever God leads you to he will lead you through.

  206. Traci Wickens says:

    Sending you nothing but positive thoughts and well wishes for a healthy recovery.

  207. pam says:

    My prayers and thoughts go out to you and your family throughout this time you endure. I hppe yoi can get stronger soon. We will miss you on chch. Our love to you.

  208. Barbara says:

    Prayers for you as travel this journey! God loves you and is there for you! Hugs

  209. Sharon White says:

    Dearest Nicola
    I have missed you in the mornings. You have always lifted me up as you have others with your humor and quick wit. My prayers and very positive thoughts are with you and will be as long as you need them :-) May God Help you heal and get through this most difficult time. My love is sent and know your in our thoughts :-)
    Sharon White

  210. Mary says:

    Will pray everyday for you Nicola. So much love, prayers and positive energy being sent your way. Envision you happy and healthy and doing what you love. Stay strong you are beautiful as are your words.

  211. Joan says:

    Miss your company every morning while having breakfast. So sorry to hear you
    are in hospital. Think of you often and wish you the very best, look forward to seeing you soon. Be well . Love and prayers are with you always.

  212. Linda Town says:

    Dear Nicola,
    I watched you when I lived in Hamilton and continued when I moved to London. I have missed that smiling face of yours. You are my morning light. Thank you for sharing your story with us. My prayers are with you. I am amazed when I hear of the people who have maintained positive attitudes and beaten that dreaded disease. You are a positive person and I know you will beat it too. Stay strong. Big hugs.

  213. Hey Nicola just remember if your going through hell…… Keep going you are amazing and we will be praying with you see you soon


  214. Steve Skuse says:

    Nicola: Thoughts & prayers go out to you for a speedy & complete recovery! You are an inspiration to all. Your attitude is half the battle already won. I know it will be a long road back, but I’m sure you’ll be able to come through this, on top.
    Keep your attitude positive.
    Take care.

  215. Robb Harris says:

    Nicola; As i read your story i can’t help but think back to when my son Jackson was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 3. He, like yourself had and has been battling ever since, and like you imply, love and family are as important as any medical procedure. When Jackson was spotlighted as a Mac kid in 2012 I was nervous, scared and torn, torn that Jackson would be looked at as well different. Instead we were surrounded by love and prayers. So, Nicola your already on the right path, you have an entire city rallying behind you and your family. You take care of yourself and leave the love and prayers to us, your very extended but caring family.

  216. Tracy Trebych says:

    Hi Nicola.
    I am so sorry that you would have to endure such an ailment. However, stay positive and try to have faith and keep hope alive. God knows what’s best for us and I know he has you safe in his arms right now and for always. I will pray for your recovery daily and send positive energy and thoughts your way. God Bless you Nicola, although you don’t know me, I know you fairly well. Lol. You’re simply unforgettable in a great kinda way. Be well.
    With love,
    Owner of Pipsqueak’s Cleaning Service

  217. Tracy Trebych says:

    Hi Nicola.
    I am so sorry that you would have to endure such an ailment. However, stay positive and try to have faith and keep hope alive. God knows what’s best for us and I know he has you safe in his arms right now and for always. I will pray for your recovery daily and send positive energy and thoughts your way. God Bless you Nicola, although you don’t know me, I know you fairly well. Lol. You’re simply unforgettable in a great kinda way. Be well.
    With love,
    Owner of Pipsqueak’s Cleaning Service

  218. julie nee moss says:

    Hello Nicole
    I was just saying the other day … haven’t seen our Nicole on the telly
    …. oh my goodness my prayers are with you .. Are
    you by any chance related to Isabel White and have
    A sister by the name Lynsey ?
    God bless you .

  219. Debbie Coles says:

    Dear Nicola I am a fan and always thought of you as strong woman. Devastated by your news.How a beautiful soul could be going through such a tough time. My heart and my prayers are with you.I know with gods help your strength will conquer this disease. I Hope Conner is giving you strength.It must be devastating to him.He knows his Mom is strong. Please know that with the strengh of prayer is a powerful thing. God Bless and take care xoxo

  220. Linda says:

    Peace Love and Healing to you Nicola May God bless you and keep you under his wing to protect and Heal you good as new <3 You are Loved deeply my sister <3 Sending you my Healing Love <3 Thank you Thank you Thank you for the Love you are sharing with me and all the world. All positive healthy healing thoughts and prayers for you my sweet soul sister <3

    Please contact my dear friend Bill Marsh he is a great helper 905 521 9664
    <3 Peace Love and Healing <3

  221. Karen Aquino says:

    Praying to God that you feel the love of your family, friends & fans. May that love give you the strength and courage to face each day in the light you gave others.

  222. Karen Aquino says:

    Praying to God that you feel the love of your family, friends & fans. May that love give you the strength and courage to face each day in the light you gave others. S

  223. Jacqueline says:

    I am shocked and saddened to read this. I have tears in my eyes. You are such a strong and beautiful woman, and thank you for sharing your story. I pray that your body heals. I wish you nothing but the best. You are NOT alone. You are truly missed each and every morning, and your absence has been noticed. I miss your happy, warm spirit every morning when I turn on CH. Take care Nicola, and may God be with you holding your hand and helping you to fight this and come back home to your family that is so much bigger than you will ever know.

  224. cathy says:

    You truly are missed in my morning routine. be well. You are in my prayers.

  225. Wendy Moraghan says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you….I love watching you every morning, you brought a special something to CH Morning News… are a strong courageous woman and you will FIGHT this…!

  226. Natasha Burke says:

    You are in my prayers. You are such a strong woman to be so positive at a time like this. You are remarkable. Your writing and sharing has touched me on quite the personal level. I am going to be having major surgury on my kidney at the end of May, while not life threatening; it is needed to get rid of many problems Im having and the pain im in daily. I have had mixed emotions and not sure how to deal
    Reading this has helped. It has lifted my spirits a bjt and helped remind me that there is a plan for me. I pray daily with answers and hope. Knowing what you are struggling with and that you are pulling through has now shown me that I too can do it. With the love and help from others abd GOD.
    God bless you Nicola.

  227. April Sweet says:

    Dear Nicola,
    I’ve only ever seen you on CHCH, but I read your post and just had to reply. I lost an aunt to cancer when I was just a young girl, a friend when I was in my 30′s and found out a couple years ago that my mom has fibroids as far as I know they’re not cancerous and I pray they never will be. You are a strong and amazing woman, I hope that I can be as strong and positive as you if it ever happens to me. I send my prayers to you and your family in this trying time and hope for a speedy and complete recovery.
    Best Wishes, April.

  228. Arlene says:

    I am stunned to hear about your illness. I am sending you love, prayers, and healing white light.

  229. Terri Clark says:

    Nicola, your bright smile is definitely missed! Years ago I went through that same operation. My fibroid cyst was the size of a grapefruit! I will be praying for you to get through it everything! Your healthy attitude and being fit, will definitely help you! Keep your chin up! Sincerely, Terr Clark.

  230. Catherine Jones says:

    Hi love,
    This is Catherine your ex neighbor from Manhattan Condo building.
    I am so thankful Carolyn Cowan for letting me know about you.
    I am praying right now the anointing of Jesus as your highest priest and healer guard your emotions, mind and body. May He appear to your life in great measure. We agree with you that you are identifying with thoughts of lost or discouragement. We surround you with Father Gods Love. No weapon can prosper on this situation cause you have the mind of more than an overcomer. There is Grace in every step you takea and signs and wonders are your lifestyle.
    Lord be kindness and tenderness to Nicola. Lead her to rest in your green pastures. This place where only you and your sons and daughters can take her. Love you Nicola!

    • Catherine Jones says:

      Typo: We agree with you that you are NOT identifying with thoughts of lost or discouragement.

      • Nicola Jones says:

        So good to hear from you, please keep praying for me. I miss you both xo Nicola

        • Catherine Jones says:

          Hi love,
          You came to mind today Sunday Sep 28. Praying for your mind and body to know the Original Nature of God in you, to be loved, to be healed, to be committed, a person of covenant and vibrant full of Life and Light. None one can fulfill healing except for Christ The Son who did it and brought back to us restoration, renewal, reconciliation to go back to the beginning of our Nature, wholeness. May we all experience this Divine nature.

          This morning my Meditation was on Romans Chapter 5….
          I concluded:
          The certainty of God, the Immutability of God is so solid that anything that is confronted by his Immutability has not other choice but to change and become like Him. We can’t encounter God and remain the same. His nature does not share His GLORY with another (Hebrew= inferior missing the mark). He only relates to Christ in us (Galatians 2:20).

          May you find the fullness of healing in the healer of your mind, emotions, will and body. Much love,
          Your sister,

    • Nicola Jones says:

      Thank you so much- It was such a lovely moment when I saw this message from you. YOU are such a light YOU are a powerful servant and thank you for praying over me. xo Blessings to you and Ray : )

  231. Leanne Z says:

    Nicola, thank you for your strength and love. You are in our family’s thoughts and prayers right now and my daily intention is visualizing health and love for you. Xo

  232. Ian Pryde says:

    Dear Nicolas,
    Shock and sadness. We kept asking where you were. The power of positive is amazing and with all the positive thought and energy coming your way, you will beat this. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Miss you. Come back soon.

  233. Phil W. says:

    First thank you for the courage and love you sent in writing your soul searching tribute to life. I have read it over again and again and it brought silence and peace to me and reflection of friends, lovers and family who have also shared your brief time away from us. But you will be back, I am certain, this is your time to pray, rebuild and grow strong. Like so so many other people that I know and now I am specifically thinking of my friend Kathy in Michigan, you are so right when you underline the importance of reaching out for support. Her story is paralleled to yours and I know that she is just an unbelievable inspiration to those around her: the last time I visited her. She was 24/7 with beautiful , loving people circleling her with their spiritual love and joy. She is a fighter and I am convinced that love endures, support always wins and people inspire her to love life.
    To me that is the magic. So, yes yes yes. I am putting you at the top of my list for daily prayers and brave thoughts. Please stay in touch somewhere so we can all get on the Nicola Lovetrain! Thanks for you and your brave and very touching and important update.
    Phil W.

  234. debby says:

    Nicola, you are in my prays , miss seeing you on TV, but i know one day you will be back, untill that day comes, rest and get strong, I have watched you since the very first day it started, SPEEDY RECOVERY!!!

  235. Jennifer says:

    Sending you love and light for your journey. Thank you for opening yourself to receiving the gift of these thousands of prayers. Ask and you shall receive xox

  236. Lisa Bell says:

    Dear Nicola, you are truly missed by me, you always did bring us sunshine to our morning no matter what the day was bringing. You are in my thoughts and my prayers, stay strong we need you!

  237. Susan C. says:

    Sweet Dear Nicola: You have so many people, now that they know, spreading the love of God into your heart and soul. Cancer is an ugly thing, it puts the fear of God into all of us, but when you are a friend of God’s, you need not fear. It’s a win win situation. You stay here and deal with your health issues, or you get the salvation that you were promised at birth. No losses here, just beauty and love spreading into you from every corner of the earth. People you don’t know, people from other countries that see Hamilton news, all are sending vibes that you will beat this disease that has afflicted you at a very young age. Truly miracles do happen. We’ve had one recently in our lives, so they do in fact exist. Praying for you, never give up hope, and put your very soul into the hands of God. He will not forsake you! Blessings to you and those you love.

  238. Patricia says:

    God please Bless and watch over and protect Nicola and her family. Keep them safe. Please heal Nicola. Make her well. Amen.

  239. Lisa Brooks says:

    For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.

    - Philippians 4:13

  240. jane osier says:

    Nicola: warm hugs and strength coming your way…I truly believe that attitude is the way to beat this….stay strong

  241. Laurie says:

    Prayers for complete and permanent recovery.

  242. Marg says:

    Dear Nicola
    So shocked to hear your story. You have so much courage to share with everyone at this time and positive and loving thoughts, you are my hero. My thoughts and prayers are with you every minute of every day. Get well soon, we miss you.

  243. Janey says:

    I have not seen you on the news, however, I know of you from your workshops you done at Moksha. We have never met, but what I know and feel is that you will get through this. This journey will not be easy, but stay present and focus on health, love and an outcome of no pain and being cancer free and you will win this. Thoughts and strong and positive vibes daily from me to you. Janeyx

  244. Rita says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you Nicola..xo Stay strong! <3

  245. joan beattie says:

    So sorry to hear about your illness. Be strong Nicola my thoughts are with you every day. As you know I went thru this with Dave and he was strong till the end. He did not make it but You will

    Take care
    Joan Newton (Beattie)

  246. Leah says:

    Nicola We have missed your beautiful smiling face on Ch so sad to hear about the problems you are going through. Have faith and our family will pray for you

  247. Sarah says:

    Wow. Keep fighting Nicola. The power of positive energy is amazing. Thinking of you and your family. 

  248. Angela Gauthier says:

    Nicola! Your smile has warmed our hearts for so long! Stay strong, I will keep you in my prayers, I can promise you that! We all miss you! You made our mornings sunny and bright even through a storm! Stay strong! Xoxoxo

  249. Sharon Williams says:

    Hello Nicolas. I am so so sad to hear of your poor health. I know you know the power of love united. Thank you foe asking us to join you battle . My prayers & positive energy to you And the doctors who treat you . Sharon

  250. Judy G says:

    Hi Nicola,
    So brave of you to share ypur life with all of us. You are so right how we are all connected.I will keep you and your familg in my prayers daily. We sure do miss your your smile each morning, but you are a very strong, positive woman and the mind and body are truly amazing. Anything is possible when we beleive. We are all beside you Nicola cheering you on! Godspeed!

  251. Ann Mason says:

    Prayers love & strength are wished for you.
    I will set the reminder.
    Your spirit is strong.
    God bless.

  252. Heather says:

    Even in your time of need, you still inspire! Amazing! Let the Love Revolution begin!
    Love and prayers to you!

  253. Denis Charette says:

    God is by your side Nicola

  254. Lisa L says:

    God Bless you Nicola! You are in my thoughts and prayers each and every day. Stay strong beautiful lady.
    Lisa L

  255. Grace Billone says:

    Nicola….Your faith, wisdom and courage are truly inspirational! Such precious gifts that you clearly have been abundantly blessed with. God bless and hold you tenderly in the palm of His healing hands. This circle of love that you are creating is beautiful and exactly what this world needs! XO

  256. Tania says:

    My prayers are with you and your family. You are part of my morning routine, since I commute to Mississauga every day. Hang in there! When it is understood that life is a journey, and that there is never a ‘dead-end’, is when life truly happens. I miss your smile and congeniality every morning. I hope we’ll see you back soon. I’m sure we will!

  257. Sherine says:

    I just heard the news. Thank you for your beautiful message – I will never forget it and will do my best to honour it always. I’m thinking of you through this journey, as are many others, and feel intense gratitude that our paths crossed in this life. Your gentle, beautiful spirit enriches everyone who knows you – thank you…thank you.

  258. Julie says:

    Dear Nicole,

    We’ve never met now have a heard of you before today but my heart goes out to you for what you are going through. Your story showed up in my new feed this morning and I was curious.

    There are many things that will help you heal and be well again – I’m not telling you anything new. My heart goes out to you for your courage and your call for support. You have been heard. What I will tell you is that there are natural protocols that can aid in saving your life. I know some and have helped many live or live longer when the prognosis was otherwise. It’s not any one thing – there is no magic cure other, but some are pretty easy. Like know ing that coanchor thrives in an acid and anaerobic environment. Change those 2 factors – fast to stop the growth and that is simple. Our bodies are wired to heal if it has what it needs – look to super charging your immune system more so than simple V&M – look to cancer-inhibitting phytonutrients and cell-to-cell communicators – glyconutrients. these are some of your keys …plus releasing your feminine metaphysical wounds – we both know those are there. May peace be with you… Blessings, Julie

  259. Jeff Hincks says:

    Nicola, thanks so much for letting you CHCH viewers know what has happened to you,I know we will all be praying for you & your family, I can let my son know why he doesn’t see you, you and Matt & Bob are his favourites, God Bless

    Jeff H

  260. Sandy moniz says:

    Dear Nicola,
    As I sit here reading this with my family beside me it breaks my heart to have you in so much pain. They say God only gives us what we can handle. You are a strong woman and we are all behind you as your family now with our strength and support and our love to let you know that you can get thru this. You are an inspiration to us and God knows that. May you have the strength you need at this time to overcome anything that is passed to you! Xoxo

  261. Jaci Marsh says:

    Sending distance healing your way and asking for the white light and silver dome of protection around you. Keep up your positive attitude and beautiful intent and we’ll be seeing you back sooner than later.
    Love and light,
    Jaci Marsh

  262. Wendy says:

    Hi Nicola,

    I’m sending my prayers and positive thoughts out to you. Please make sure to always concentrate on being healthy. There is no battle or fight of cancer. Get that last line out of your head – forever. BEING HEALTHY, FEELING GOOD, GETTING BETTER EACH DAY. That should be your only vocabulary, thoughts and energy, no matter what. Bring positive people around you. You can do this. Cells regenerate. Your cells regenerate healthy! You ARE Healthy! Believe and believe it’s happening in present tense. Meditate, read funny things, watch tv shows that make you laugh, be around positive people. When your mind wants to get into a negative frame of mind. Do any of the above or things that you know that help you, to get back to your positive state. Again, you can and are doing this.

    Hugs from Toronto (grew up in Hamilton and am back often)


  263. Samantha says:

    Missed you on CHCH!

    Grateful to you for sharing and allowing us to be part of your healing process. We tend to think there is strength in independence but we truly we flourish in interdependence, in knowing others will hold us up when we faulter. You, have an incredible network of people who care about you, your family, your friends and the community at large it is a time to draw on their strength.

    You are an amazing woman full of courage, you have this in hand.

    Hugs, Love and Light!

  264. Joe says:

    Your message was beautiful like you are and thank you for each day helping us with our regular day to day lives. You are very strong and I love your positive attitude. Hold on and remain positive. I am will be sending strength and faith your way everyday.

  265. Amy says:

    Sending love and light your way… Be brave.

    - Amy

  266. Ruth says:

    You are indeed a light Nicola. And now that light is being reflected back to you with warm thoughts and prayers for health and wellness. And as you heal, you will become a stronger healer for the world.

  267. Marianne Gower says:

    So very sorry to hear of your trials….thoughts and prayers are with you….I do believe in miracles and I’m not alone!! GOD’S hands are a pretty good place to be! Stay strong…there are a lot of people rooting for you…..God Bless xoxo

  268. Janet L says:


    I am shaken by your story…I am reading this through my tears.

    God is awesome and will be with you through all of this. I believe that God still performs miracles and I am praying for healing and a complete recovery. Also know that indeed you do shine your light everyday on TV and in person. There is something special about you for sure.

    My Jesus Sister, praying for you!

    Janet xo

  269. Lisa Melo says:

    Thank you for posting such beautifully expressed thoughts. I have always enjoyed you in the morning. I look forward in doing so again. My positive thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. As many of us may have and will have difficult and challenging roads ahead, it truly is the support and strength around us that can that can make the biggest impact. I WILL wrap that blanket around you and pray for your health to prevail. God bless you and everyone. ;)

  270. AL Meinke says:

    Nicola you have a big heart and God knows this, Prayers and Thoughts go out for your speedy recovery…..

  271. Doris says:

    Trust in your healers now. I’ve seen so many people go through this. You are stronger than you know. Positive thinking makes ALL the difference. Be determined to brave this path. You CAN do it. Every time I see the sun….I will send warmth and healing light your way. You Will do this and come through the experience, awful as it is, transformed.

  272. Dianne says:

    Dear Nicola
    Thank-you for being so honest with the viewers who admirer you. We do truly miss you, and are praying for your recovery from this dreaded disease. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and giving you the strength to get thru this.

  273. Steph says:

    I, along with so many others, have wondered about where you have been for a long time. Thank you for being so brave as to bear your soul to those would would do anything to soothe it. Know that there is an entire army of love and prayers surrounding you! You will be in my thoughts and prayers always! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey.



  274. Theresa Phieffer says:

    What an amazing letter from an amazing woman. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time.

  275. Carole says:

    Just wanted to stop by and tell you that I am amazed and inspired by YOUR strength and courage.

  276. Teri says:

    Dearest Nicola,
    I am, and will continue to pray and send you healing light. I hold you in my daily thoughts and see you wrapped in the white of Gods healing love & light. You are healed, I believe.
    I am overwhelmed by the love that is flowing out and to you. Thankyou for reminding me to receive. So much light & love and awakened awareness, I had no idea; tears flow and blur my eyes to read and feel so much love. I am on the Nicola Love Train. May God and His army of healing Angels guide you swiftly to a vibrant, healthy & happy life restored. Amen xo

  277. Nicola
    We have missed you every morning for a while now. You are the bright light at chch.
    I really was hoping that you were off pregnant or something like that. Please get well soon. I know you will fight for your life , and will be back soon. You are an inspiration to all who watch you every day on chch. Your smile will be missed,, until you return . God bless you ,and we will be praying for you.

  278. Sherene says:

    You r so missed….thank you for letting us know about what you are going through….now we can help get you through this challenge….with all your family , friends and fans praying for a speedy recovery and most importantly your positive additude you will beat this….hope to see u soon on chch<3

  279. Susy D says:

    For a warm and beautiful lady, sending all our best wishes for a speedy recovery. Your positive attitude will surely speed your way to good health. God bless you Nicola!

  280. Eileen Nielsen says:

    Dear Nicola,
    My prayers and thoughts go out to you to be strong and fight this battle. Although I have never met you, I would turn to CHCH only to look for you and your weather news. Even if it was a cloudy day, you always brought SUNSHINE into my life with your love and talent to make sure that folks like me were happy to take on their day. So now Nicola, I would like to send you SUNSHINE for you to look at all the brighter days ahead of you to get better and give us what we need, YOU!!back at CHCH living a full and happy life, doing what you do best!! Be positive, love and Best Wishes. Eileen

  281. Kathy says:

    Best wishes Nicola! Love and Hugs to you!

  282. Hello Nicola:
    We met twice on Morning Live, the most recent was for my feature film, “Trade of Innocents” – I am mentioning that so you can put a face to the name. No warm fuzzy new age power thoughts or politically correct jargon – I believe in God who answers prayer so I have prayed for you to be well and receive that healing in Jesus’ Name. God wants you well. There’s more for you to do. More lives for you to touch. There’s a great series of video testimonials and teaching about healing for free at – look for healing testimonies on the left of screen… the information is free, the teachings are free and so is your healing Nicola. See you back on CH and when I am a guest talking about my next movie. Then you can share personally your testimony of receiving healing… I am looking forward to it.

  283. Domenic says:

    Nicola, we all pray or you. We know that you will be back stronger. You are the only one who could bring sunshine to our homes.

  284. Linda says:

    My Dear Nicola: We have been wondering where you have been and now we all know you have been busy being ill. You letter to all of us takes care of the wondering and now we will pray for you and keep you in our thoughts. I have had cancer for three and a half years, been through surgery, then two years later a course of chemo and radiation as that cancer had reared it’s ugly head once again. I found you must keep a positive attitude, which you seem to have and speak freely of your health issues. A sense of humor should not be given up and please, please keeps yours. Prayers can work miracles and I strongly believe that all prayers are gratefully accepted. Like you, my surgery was at St. Joseph’s in Hamilton and treatments at Jarivinski Cancer Center. I thank God , doctors, nurses, staff and both hospitals for keeping me on this earth. You are in a fine place at Jarivinski with top notch doctors, nurses and technology. May God Bless and keep you. Our prayers are with you. Thank you for letting your TV viewers be informed of your illness. That is another step towards a positive way of thinking. and letting that demon cancer know that you are one step ahead of him. Get well and remember, you have a large amount of people in Ontario who have grown to enjoy and now miss you. We are all pulling for you <3

  285. Dawn A. says:

    Sending light & love

  286. Shawn Craig Price says:

    Hi Nicola,

    I am so sorry you are going through this rough time in your life. I miss seeing you on CH every morning and I wish you a speedy recovery and that you come through this as a very stronger and a very positive person. Being Positive is the Key to health and happiness. Below are a couple of sayings I put together for you in hopes that it will make you smile and give you the confidence you need.


    I said a prayer for you today and I know God must have heard
    I felt the answer in my heart although he spoke no word!
    I didn’t ask for wealth or fame (I knew you wouldn’t mind)
    I asked Him for treasures of a far more lasting kind!
    I asked that He’d be near you at the start of each new day
    To grant you health and blessings and friends to share your way!
    I asked for happiness for you in all things great and small
    But it was for His loving care that I prayed for most of all.


    You never walk alone my friend
    Though you may think you do,
    For in your sorrow and despair
    God always walks with you.
    There is no hour, no passing day
    He is not by your side,
    And though unseen he still is there
    To be your friend and guide.
    Whenever you think you walk alone
    Reach out and you will find,
    The hand of God to show the way
    And bring you peace of mind.


    Don’t quit when the tide is lowest,
    For it’s just about to turn;
    Don’t quit over doubts and questions,
    For there’s something you may learn.

    Don’t quit when the night is darkest,
    For it’s just awhile ‘til dawn;
    Don’t quit when you’ve run the farthest,
    For the race is almost won.

    Don’t quit when the hill is steepest,
    For your goal is almost nigh;
    Don’t quit, for you’re not a failure
    Until you fail to try.


    Hope is like a star so bright;
    It’s there on sunny days,
    Yet shines brightest
    Through the darkest night.

    Hope will always be
    Our greatest treasure
    With a value
    That’s beyond measure.

    For hope is the key
    To finding our dreams,
    The wind beneath our wings
    No matter how long
    The flight ahead seems.

    It’s the spark in our heart
    That’s ever ablaze,
    And the bit of magic
    That helps us get
    Through the days.

    I’m sending this
    Star of hope to you.

    It will ever
    Sparkle bright,
    To keep the hope
    Alive in your heart
    Day and night.

    Should you ever
    Get discouraged
    The star of hope
    Will give you courage.

    May God bless you with his healing powers. Your blog was beautifully written and I know a lot of work went into your blog. You are in my Prayers daily and I look forward to seeing you back on CH in the near future. I am here should you wish to talk or if you need a shoulder to lean on. HUGS!!! PRAYERS!!! ALWAYS BE POSITIVE!!!

    Take care,
    Shawn Craig Price

  287. June says:

    Sending the love
    Nourishing the soul

  288. Mary S. says:

    Dear Nicola,

    Thank you for sharing with so many, who feel that they know you from all those times we have seen you on TV, the battle you are now fighting. God bless you and your family and your health care team. May you all feel the strength and peace of God’s grace surrounding you on this journey.

  289. Heather C says:

    Sending you wishes for returned health. Thank-you for sharing your story.

  290. Rose says:

    Sending love and prayers to you Nicola.

  291. teena says:

    Sending love your way and hoping for a full recovery.

  292. Tracey says:

    Such beautiful thoughts from you, a beautiful person inside and out. Your loving spirit will prevail. You are strong. I see you as a healthy happy and loving woman and you will be! Sending you love and light and knowing you will be ok

  293. Susan says:

    Hi Nicola. I am so sorry to hear about your struggles but at the same time am blessed by your attitude and faith. My niece has been battling breast cancer and has been fighting with faith and God at the forefront. She has blessed many people through her blog and I am posting the link to her blog In The Still Moments. It might be of interest to you. I will lift you up to the Lord in prayer and continue to pray for healing. Love in Christ. http:/

  294. Linda Webb says:

    Nikki I was wondering were you have been and I will pray for your recovery. I look forward to your getting well and returning to your Family and your Work family. I will ask Colleen Irish to also pray for you as I am sure she will be shocked too. We love you and will bring you good thoughts . Linda Webb and family.

  295. Lois says:

    Nicola…..we have missed you each morning on CHCH. May God shine his light on you. May his grace and mercy be with you each step of your journey. I know you will recover and be stronger than before. I will keep you in my prayers – blessings to you and your family

  296. Liz says:

    Dear Nicola my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  297. Nicola your words are inspiring in a world where many need it. You are a great messenger. Keep the positive alive!

  298. Dianne says:

    typo “admire”

  299. Heather says:

    We miss you and know you will be back.
    Sending light and love.

  300. Brian says:

    Nicola, You are a major part of Our Family and morning routine. We have missed you from day one. Sorry, nothing personal to the lovely people who are trying to fill your shoes. We have been wondering why you left and now that we know we are both wishing we didn’t.
    Please, look up ” Adam, The Dream Healer”.
    Many years ago my Father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was sent home by “modern medicine” to die. He was told about Adam. Through his Spiritual Healing My Father beat that cancer that was supposed to be a death sentence. He unfortunately passed away for a totally unrelated reason but the Doctors say now that he was “miss diagnosed” with cancer because he was completely cancer free at the time of his death.
    Nicola, you are a beautiful person and our prayers and thoughts are with you. You will beat this, stay positive, do not let negative into your life.
    Thank You for your Love and Please feel Ours in return,
    Much Love and Hugs and Prayers,
    Brian and Evelyn Slade

  301. Brendalee Candelori says:

    God Bless you Nicola in your struggle. You asked for it, and now you’ve got it. Prayers from all of us. I believe you are correct, we are all in this together. So I will add you to my prayers and send positive thoughts to you that you heal, and get stronger. Thank you for sharing this with us. We learn from each other, and also learn that we are not alone.

  302. cheryl says:

    Sending many hugs and prayers your way. I know you will be fine. Stay strong. xo

  303. John Scime says:


    This is not normal for me to write to someone I don’t know. My wife an I both wondered if you had left the station as this happens all the time. It’s is with great shock and that I read your story but also admire and appreciate the strength and faith you are displaying which is truly inspirational.

    There are many too many like yourself. I have a very dear friend right now who is in the latter stages of pancreatic cancer. A person who you would wish there were more of in this world and it seems so unfair. Like yourself, he does not let what is going on change his outlook on life. In fact he is an inspiration just as you are and it does have a profound effect on the attitude of those that are around him. He has gone out of his way to tell everyone he knows how much he appreciates their friendship.

    I now, more than ever, believe that we are all placed on this planet and placed into situations for a purpose. Even our pets teach us many lessons if we just listen.

    Our positive thoughts and prayer go out to you. We look forward to see you again when we get up in the morning and get ready for work. Godspeed to you for a full and quick recovery.

    God’s blessing,

    John and Kelley

  304. Sharon L says:

    My husband and I had noticed that you were not on lately and wondered what happened. We are surprised to learn of your diagnosis. You have had such a positive impact on life. Like flowers in a garden, hope grows in a heart. A wish is a promise that tomorrow will be better then today. We’re thinking of you and praying for you.

  305. Colleen says:

    Nicola, Your courage in disclosing your journey and the request for our love and prayers is a testament to your strength. God will carry you through this. Remember the poem ‘Footprints’. It gives us a strong message. You will never be alone because everyday, each hour, there will be someone sending you love, positive energy and prayers. If and when you have some dark times, visualize the masses surrounding you with Our Lord in the middle and see that our love and prayers will always support you. With energy like this, only positive things can happen.

  306. alex sanchez says:

    Nicola you are surrounded not just by close family and friends but also by everyone who watches chch chch is a big part of Hamilton families may god bless and heal you love thoughts and prayers are with you and your family love and harmony god bless you in everything you do and you sure done a lot giving the weather in the worst weather you would still do it with a smile everyday may god bless you

  307. Dorothy says:

    Hi Nicola
    I am Bob Seniors girlfriend. Your chch audio engineer is my Bob. I have walked your path. It’s interesting. I referred to it as a new adventure. Something else to learn about. I also learned to trust my own instincts. Since you know Bob, feel free to contact me via email if you want honest answers and to know what to expect. You have no time for face to face. A yet to meet email bud can be the best one to call out to in the middle of the night. Anytime. I will be here for you.

    • Dorothy says:

      Hey you, it’s me again… Bob Seniors girlfriend…your audio engineers girl friend. Nope I dont feel sorry for you any more than I felt sorry for myself when it hit me. You have to run like a deer with your own instincts. You are the one that drives your recovery or remission or cure. I learned so much when I was faced with this. Chemo…radiation…radical surgery… they tell you the medical advice. There is so much more to these options than what they tell you. Things you need to know. First hand. You need to know, what radiation is all about from a third party to educate yourself. To help you make decisions. You need someone to still be here when 355 others aren’t. I will be here for you. Why? Because so many were there for me. Time to pay it forward … a buzillion times. Why? Because I want to. For now, I’m ok. I made decisions I’m proud of. Radical medical decisions that even surgeons are afraid to offer, yet tell, you made such a brave strong decision. They were proud od me. I am proud of me. I am here with Bob. I am living proof… there are goodnand informed choices to be made. Medically approved and endorsed. No I didn’t go homeopathic. I stayed medical. Im alive. I want to help you stay alive. Reach out to you. Help you through this maze. Know whatvtobexpect from treatments from someone first hand. If you know Rino….Donna…I will be perfectly honest, the stranger to turn to. Why? Because I am alive.

  308. Chris says:

    Hi Nicola.
    I Remember the first day you went on your mission to win this battle. I said to my wife that you must be on a well deserved vacation. That is how quickly you are missed! Our hearts are sending out to you every healing signal possible. We will fight with you every day. The weather hasn’t been the same without you. Be strong.
    Chris and Emily.

  309. Karen Male says:

    Prayers and healing light sent your way. With Gods love we conquer so very much. I was very surprised to hear of your illness but I believe that God will hear your prayers as well as all of ours. Keep strong. You are so brave!

  310. Alice Bespolko says:

    Wow! Nicole big, big news. I missed you in the mornings while I went through my daily exercise, wondering why I hadn’t seen you. Your faith is awesome! Prayers are with you and your family!

  311. Luis says:

    Although I do not personally know you, I have been watching you for a long time. I work in the community and my patients tend to watch CH a lot, and that is how I became a fan. You must stay strong, and I am sure we are all praying for you. I have had the biggest crush on you for the longest time, and I am glad to see that you have so many followers who have you in their prayers. Your words are moving, and I will keep you in my thoughts. Keep fighting the good fight, and you will come out of it a winner. Deepest regards

  312. Tammy says:

    Stay strong and stay POSITIVE !! You will win this battle !! My thoughts and prayers are with you!! XOXO

  313. Sheila Guest says:

    Sending strengthening thoughts and prayers for you.

  314. Ruth says:

    May the God wrap you in his healing arms Nicola!

  315. Laura says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you God bless u.. You are a special soul here for a purpose and I look forward to seeing your beautiful face on TV again get well soon xoxo

    • Laura says:

      My thoughts and prayers are with you God bless u.. You are a special soul here for a purpose and I look forward to seeing your beautiful face on TV again get well soon xoxo

  316. Janet Peña-Carranza says:

    Nicola my thoughts and prayers are with you, you can fight this, when we went through Leukemia with our Son we just thought of it as a bump in the road of life, with lots of prayers and support all went well for us as I know it will for you. I miss watching you and Bob joking around but I know you’ll be back so ” be prepared Mr McCowan”. Take comfort in knowing you have a lot of fans cheering for you. Love to you your family and friends and may God keep you warm in his arms as the Doctors do they’re job to bring you to good health.
    Love Janet XO

  317. Clint Mino says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family get well soon and hope we will see you back on CHCH.

  318. Trudy says:

    Nicola, my thoughts and prayers are with you during your difficult journey…….I do miss seeing you on CHCH….through All our prayers (your family & fans) WE ALL know you will pull through this… are a healer!!!!! God bless and get better soon xoxoxo

  319. Cindy Torrie says:

    You are missed ,my prayers are with you and your family You are a strong willed woman
    Can’t wait to see you back soon

    Sadly missed.
    But see you soon!!!


  320. Jodi says:

    Dear Nicola,
    My heart is broken having read this news. We have missed your smiling face and sense of humour in the mornings on CH. I know you will stay positive and stong as you battle. It is an uncertain road ahead – I along with many have travelled it. I’m a breast cancer survivor just past my 5 year milestone. I didn’t choose to have cancer – it chose me. It’s a heck of a hard ride to be on. I decided to spread awareness every chance I get. Attitude is as much a part of healing as the surgery and medicines and proceedures. I share my story in as much detail as someone asks. I notice those who are battling and give a little word of encouragement. A simple ‘you look beautiful’ or ‘ I remember sporting that look’ to someone who has lost all their hair. They know that you understand, that you have walked in their shoes. Please Know that I, like many are right beside you every step of the way. We are there to give you strength, energy, root you on and get you through this.

  321. Karen says:

    Healing and health to you Nicola…stay strong and hold on…

  322. joan says:

    Really miss you on chch. Know that you are in our thoughts every day. Just remember God is good and will help you through this!!!

  323. Tom says:

    Thoughts are with you Nicola. We had wondered where you had you gotten to. Just hoping you were filming more episodes of Take It Outside. Best of luck in everything. Stay positive. They are doing amazing work at Juravinski – I know b/c they’ve kept my father going strong for years now.

  324. Constance says:

    I know I wondered where you had gone. I watch CHCH with my daughter in the morning and we have missed your weather reports. Please stay strong and take care of yourself. You are missed greatly and I hope you get back on your feet soon. Take care!

  325. Sam Black says:

    Sending you light and love. You are never alone. Xoxo

  326. Donna Dixon says:

    Nicola.. what a powerful story you have shared with so many. I am so very sorry for what you are going through. Love and strength, family and friends and all of our prayers will help you get through this. You are strong and you can fight this, I am sending you my strength, prayer’s and love that everyone has given to me over the last few years… and it helped me to be where I am today. So I am handing it over to you. Stay strong, positive…and know we are all here right beside you every step of the way. You will win this!! thinking of you.. I will keep watch for updates and u keep holding onto all the love and prayers everyone is sending to you. Take care
    Love and tons of strength and prayers…You will win this… you are strong…!!
    Donna D

  327. Paul says:

    Hi Nicola, wishing you all the best in your fight. Jesse still speaks if Christian and wonders how he is. If there is anything I can do for you , please let me know , and I mean it!! Take care and all the best wishes from Jesse and me.

  328. Dale says:

    We missed you & wish you the strength to continue to fight the fight! Our son recently also had to do battle with this dreaded disease & we know first hand how important staying positive can be. Surround yourself with people who care & with people who want to take care of you. You are in our thoughts & prayers.

  329. paul smith says:

    get better soon nicola xo

  330. Bette ann says:

    I don’t know you Nicole, I have never seen or heard your show. Although I am Canadian, I live away in another country and state . I do however believe that you are so right in keeping a collective positive outpouring of thought to strengthen your fight against this wicked angry disease . Bad things can only diminish when faced with more good than bad to feed it. Keep positive, this time you will win!

  331. Thomas O'Malley says:

    Hi Nicola,

    I bless you in the healing white light of the Spirit of God.

    “You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.” Phil. 4:13

    Dwell on: God is your strength, God is my power, God is my assured victory. I will trust in him and he will bring it to pass.


  332. Mandi says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. Know that you are loved, and I will be thinking of you, and sending positive energy to you each and every day. Stay strong and get well!!!

  333. Ken says:

    Mornin’ Nicola. We like so many others miss you each morning on CHCH. We are told to join together/agree together for “stuff” we want/need/desire, so today we agree with you for your complete wellness/you being perfectly whole, in the only name I know to ask for it, that being Jesus. Ken

  334. Nicola Youseman says:

    My dearest fellow warrior. You will see the firs thing we share is our Christian name:
    but sadly we also share the daily journey of fighting our own cancer.
    Please know that I use Facebook as my outlet for letting all my friends and family know my updates health-wise but more importantly I have filled Facebook with messages of FAITH and HUMOUR because that’s what works for me. I believe that fighting this demon is 90% attitude and 10% medicine.
    You will have your own approach, and just know as a fellow warrior I hold you in my daily prayers. Not sure how far down the road you are, and I don’t need to know that.
    You just need to know that I’m here if you wanna contact me, but I am very certain from all the posts that you have your own support network.

    Take care………

    Nicola Youseman
    Fellow cancer warrior

  335. Terri says:

    Nicola, stay strong and positive! I have been thinking of you since you posted your message , and like many others wondered what had happened to you! We miss your morning smile and bantering with Bob!
    I myself have just had a battle with cancer. I was a patient at jurvanski on March 28, when I had my kidney removed due to a malignant tumor. I won’t say I understand what you are going through, as each of our journey with this horrible disease is a personal one. You are in good hands at jurvanski ! I pray and keep you in my thoughts that whatever the next steps are needed for your recovery, that you know so much love is sent your way! God bless you and your family. You are not alone! Take care Nicola!

  336. Jane says:

    Sending you healing thoughts and prayers Nicola. Everyday as I watched morning live, I was hoping that would be the day you would be back and feeling better. I know that day will be very soon, that you will be back, doing what you love and always sending your positivity to everyone. Thank you for so bravely and beautifully sharing your journey with us all.

  337. Dawn says:

    good morning Nicola…….. sending all the positive vibes light and love to you! you have always been such an inspiration and a wonderful personality……with all the love and light surrounding you may you heal quickly and be able to move on to your next chapter of life!!!
    sending big loving hugs

  338. Jeannie says:

    My mornings have not been the same without you. My heart was broken hearing your news. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Know that God is with you in every step of your journey and you are never alone. Take care of yourself, Nicola.

  339. Gwen says:

    Dear Nicola, I cannot express how brave you are and to sit on your hospital bed writing to all of us pouring out your heart. I have watched you on CH back in your starting out days and then again now. I always admired how you had a warm and fun attitude and how you made us feel like “friends and sisters”. I wish you all the Best in your recovery and send Strength and Positive Outlooks to you and your Family. Kindest Regards Nicola and Family

  340. Alex Brown says:

    Nicola, it’s so good to finally know what to ask for when I think of you and your challenges. Thank you for sharing. It’s so hard to accept ‘the reason’ for your frightening situation, but if I can offer a little hope…
    As a mom of five, I’ve spent more than my fair share of time and energy in emergency and waiting rooms. I’ve met a great many docs and specialists. And every one of them who stand out, apart from their peers, as exceptional, resourceful, compassionate, and truly helpful, each conquered their own personal trials, carrying their own unique perspective and understanding to my aid. Every one of them.
    You have a gift – a gift of love and healing to share with so many. But there is something you will gain, some extra edge, that will come from this difficult journey. You have to trust that. And in that growth, you will find yourself in a place you can’t yet imagine.
    I wish you strength and courage as you travel your path. I have no doubt in your ability to win this battle. And it is my fervent wish for you that you can rely on your tremendous sense of humour to get you through the toughest days. You are quite simply, one of the funniest people I have ever had the pleasure to encounter. Laugh Love Live.

  341. Kay says:

    Stay positive Nicola! Good things will happen for you.

  342. Sharon Norton says:

    you are loved Nicola – more than you know. Sending you love from my heart and from the universe. Be well.

  343. Cathy Dawson says:


    Hello I’m Cathy Dawson and I wanted to pass on a few words, Well first off hope your feeling good , this is a journey in Nicola’s story.
    A story of a strong creative woman. You have been in our lives since Morning live was Born on ChCh.
    I see you as a strong woman mentally and physically .
    As you know I’m sure by all the comments emails and Facebook and I imagine tweets are telling you . We are walking this journey with you , we will share your fears your years your happiness and your feelings of concern.
    I enjoy my mornings with Morning live and you definitely brighten up the room when your on. I went through what your going thru about 22 years ago. I was lucky enough to give birth to my son by c-section and the doctor saw the fibroid of my uterus and decided that if I wanted he could do a hysterectomy while I was on the table .
    I was so happy to have him find it than. A few weeks later I learned it was cancerous and I followed dr’s orders to the T. Now 22 years later here I am writing you a get well comment. Nicola you will be in my prayers

  344. Victoria says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. Although I have not had the same experience as you, recently I have opened my heart to God as my source of strength and undying love. My thoughts have been guided to the positive and leaving behind the negative. I have watched you from the time CHCH began the Morning Live show in the days when Cathy Wegner was sharing the host position with Bob, you and Leslie. Loved it then and love it now. Truly miss your very beautiful face, full of light and hope. Please accept my love and my prayers and get well soon.

  345. Janet C says:

    Nicola. I have so missed seeing you on CH every morning. You are one of my very favourites…so beautiful, engaging and with a wicked wit!!! I was shocked and sorry to hear that you’re going through this daunting challenge and will join the chain of people that love you by keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Just remember, God brought you to it; now, he’ll take you through it.

    Stay strong young lady. You are loved.

    Janet C

  346. Beverley Love says:

    Nicola our hearts and prayers are with you.

  347. Cindy says:

    Positive thoughts and prayers, we miss you Nicola, God speed xo

  348. ROSE BEDARD says:


  349. Gionapaul says:

    There is POWER in prayer and in the name of Jesus! Continue looking to the one who heals and who saves :) my daughter your FAITH has made you well. Praying for you!

  350. Lilliana Carbone says:

    I have to admit, I couldn’t read this without crying my eyes out! Your are dear to me and my family. I may be heading down your path too. I send you my love and prayers and positive thoughts. You are a fighter. We will all fight with you!! Hugs!!

  351. J.P. says:

    Hey Nicola,
    Just read ur inspiring and touching story.. Our family too received bad news of my mother last Friday. We are still going through the acceptance stage and at the same time supporting her and praying for the best.
    I will also extend my prayers to you also. I wish you all the best and a speedy recovery..
    Keep fighting..

  352. Kim Graziano says:

    Hi Nicola

    I had the same thing!!!! when I was 28. I Lost my uterus but have my life. I’m 53 now. This can be beat! The sun will always be with you Nicola. Miss you! Come back to us soon!

  353. Dawn says:

    What a powerful story. So uplifting to everyone who reads it. You truly are an angel. You ask for so little, if there were more I could do I would in a instance. Sending you white light and healing. Bless you.

  354. kimberly says:

    So sorry to hear about your absence from Morning Live. If anyone can overcome this you can, you pssess an amazing positive attitude. As you mentioned earlier that hardest part will be reversing the Mother roll. Instead of you taking care of everyone else, its time to let them take care of you. Allow everyone possible to help sometimes its the littlest things that need the most help. You are part of a huge world and lots of helpers waiting. Always will in our prayers and keep up the fghting and positive attitude. xoxoxox

  355. Anita says:

    stay strong never give up you are in my prayers everything has a way of working its self out
    having a simular experience at 25 i know the fear that comes with it i am still here 20 yrs later you are loved and missed get well my friend we will be here waiting for you

  356. Nick says:

    Ms Jones, I am uplifted by your bravery during this challenging time and I thank you for sharing your journey. You bring light into my family’s day each and every morning and there has been a void in your absence. I will share your post and ask for the Light to shine on you. Know that by sharing, you have continued your journey of spreading the Light! So from a stranger who is inspired by you. I send LOVE, LIGHT, and prayers of healing. You have given me so much in your post that has set me on the path of my own personal healing. Your post resonated… greatly! So I thank you!

    BE WELL!


  357. April says:

    Hello Nicola! Thankyou so much for your positive and uplifting words….I will pray for all of us every morning…praying you will soon be healed, and that God will perform a micacle in your life and you will soon be back on Morning Live…you are missed April

  358. Debra & Albert Murphy says:

    Dear Nicola,
    My husband and I love watching you on the morning show. Thank you for having the courage and strength to share your journey for all to read. We have shared your words of this journey of your life and ask that everyone send you prayers of healing – positive energy, and lots of love. Know that your loved by so many and lots of people are praying for you.
    Lots of Love & Light,
    Albert & Debra Murphy

  359. Leanne says:

    Nicola, Thx for sharing your story – Your link has gone viral on fbook! Your story will inspire & have many people praying and sending positive vibes your way. Good luck with everything & let these many messages, have you know how many people are pulling for you!!

  360. Jamie Barnes says:

    I was just commenting the other day that we haven’t seen you on Morning Live in so long.
    You are in my prayers, Nicolas. I am praying for full healing and restoration. I am glad you accepted that you are worthy because you ARE worthy. God loves you so much.
    Keep letting that light shine for all to see and then others will see His glory and praise Him.
    Take care, Nicola. See you back on the air soon
    Keep us updated :)

  361. Judith Snell says:

    Hi Nicola I’m a retired nurse .Even though I delt with the sick and dyeing .The one gift I was given was their strength and wonderful outlook on life ..So i know we Will send you strength and all my love so you can fight . Keeping your spirits up and knowing I”m here for you when your down and need to talk .And I truly believe God is with you . Your as such a beautiful women with a great spirit never loose that spirit . I will be praying for you daily ….And I’m Here for youHUGS….
    Love Judy .

  362. Dawn Colby says:

    Dear Nicola. Every day my mom has wondered why you haven’t been on. We both loved watching you every day. I am sending love and light your way and will do so each and every day. Stay strong you have the whole community behind you as one large loving family. Healing thoughts and blessings ♡♡♡ Dawn

  363. Beth says:

    Nicola….sending good wishes for a speedy recovery and thinking positive is very key too. Just keep telling yourself that and all will be okay

  364. Jamie Barnes says:

    I was just commenting the other day that you haven’t been on Morning Live in a while.
    I am praying for full healing and restoration.
    I am glad to read you accepted that you are worthy because you ARE worthy. God loves you so much.
    Keep shining that light so others can see His glory and praise Him also.
    Take care, Nicola. See you back on the air soon.
    Keep us updated :)

  365. Ann & David Lear says:

    So sorry to hear your sad news, stay positive our thought and prayers are with you. We certainly miss your smiling face on CHCH when we get up in the mornings.xxxx

  366. Linda April says:


    My prayers are you to come through this 100% as I did and lived a fruitful life now for over 30 yrs. Keep positive my dear and keep God first and foremost in your life and prayers. We will think of you and prayer for you daily.
    God Speed.

    Hope to see you back at CHCH soon.
    Linda April and her family her in Hamilton.

  367. Yvonne says:


    I am saddened to hear what you have been going through but I also know that you have many prayers for you right now including my family. We watch morning live everyday and it truly is not the same with you. Please don’t lose hope and know that many people care and are praying for you. You can beat this! Please stay positive!

  368. Karen says:

    Nicola, You are in my thoughts and prayers….STAY STRONG, POSITIVE , AND BELIEVE.

    Sending Love and Hugs to you and your family.


  369. johnvz says:

    In Our thoughts and Prayers!
    Get better soon!

  370. Linda says:

    Faith & prayer work miracles, and I am praying for a speedy recovery and to see your beautiful smile back on CH letting us all know how well you are doing.

  371. Wade Cole says:

    Don`t know if you remember me, water fights with my friend Jeff and wiping out on a motorcycle about 25-30 years ago might jog your memory. I ended up with Crohn`s Disease and half a stomach. Believe wholeheartedly whatever you believe and don`t doubt your course. Sending “Good Vibes” your way,
    Take Care,

  372. Chona says:

    Dear Nicola,
    May God our Divine healer embrace you with His healing, love and grace❤️

  373. Heidi says:

    Nicola, I will be praying for you! I had a full hysterectomy on Feb 21st, 2014 for much the same reasons as you have described. I am now about 8 weeks into recovery. I don’t know exactly how you feel but I can emphasize.
    God Bless you in your fight. I pray for healing and recovery. And I pray for those close to you as well.
    Heidi <3

  374. Karen Dickey says:

    Dear Nicola: This news broke my heart as I have watched you daily on CHCH for quite a while now. You are always so kind, positive and wonderful at your job! The Monday morning pet adoptions with those beautiful dogs and cats were the highlight of the day! I know you will be back at it, you are such an inspiration to all. Your letter brought tears to my eyes. My sister is a 5 year survivor of breast cancer and my husband 15 year survivor of lymphoma, because of the wonderful treatment he received at Juravinski and their stem cell transplant program. I will be praying and thinking of you everyday. God bless you Nicola, you are loved! XO

  375. Christine Winstanley says:

    Be strong, my prayers are with you.

  376. Marguerite Stewart says:

    Dear Nicola,
    From my family to yours, we wish you to a healthy recovery. We miss seeing you, as you bring on the sunshine. Hope to see you back on air soon ox

  377. Jackie says:

    God gives us a strength and the will to heal god bless xo

  378. Dianne says:

    Nicole, My husband and I have been worried about you, and now that we know’ we promise to pray for you, and know all will be well. God Bless you!


  379. Marie says:

    God bless and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Stay positive and keep strong. I am in year 4 remission from uterine cancer. Each 6 month checkup has been a celebration, and I know we will be sharing your victory of being cancer free soon. Thank you for the sunshine you brought to all of us each day from CHCH.

  380. Jen Hoover says:

    as you wish.
    with my thankful heart.

  381. Nickie Tamboer says:

    Hi Nicola, you are in our thoughts and prayers. Wishing you strength at getting well.

  382. Michelle B. says:

    Nicola…my heart is filled with much sadness hearing what you have had to endure. You are such an amazingly strong, kind & wonderful woman…you are truly an inspiration! Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. We are sending positive vibes your way and wish you good health & happiness. Stay strong and know that many people are wishing you well.

  383. Annette says:

    Thank you for sharing your story, we have missed you on Morning Live. Sending positive thoughts your way, get well and take care.

  384. Christine says:

    Amazing to open up your soul to everyone

  385. mustafa ibrahim says:

    My family and I missed watching you..we can not wait to see u back on TV….come on Nicola…beat this thing…for all of us. We know u could do it… and respect. Mustafa

  386. Grace says:

    Nicola I wrote to you a few months ago and you replied back saying that you’re doing better. You are always in my thoughts may God give you a miracle this Easter. Nicola please be strong and get better soon we all the viewers will like to see you back on Morning Live, love you I’ll keep praying for you everyday.

  387. James Hamilton says:

    Nicola …. Very sorry to hear the bad news. My prayers are for you.
    You are in for a wild “Roller Coaster Ride of your life.” You are looking at reality Face On and sometimes it is not a pretty sight. You have plans for a future, in and instant that changes. In a while, everything will come into focus for you. Roll with the punches, get up on your feet and fight back with all your might. Kick Ass. Cancer “CAN” be beaten.
    I personally have beaten one Stage 4 Cancer and presently kicking ass on two more unrelated Cancers.
    I am in the healing process, A Roller Coaster Ride for sure. My prognosis now is fair for the next five years. My plans for the future have been changed again and again. You do get use to it.
    Stay positive, Do not let anyone emit Negative vibes around you. The power of prayer is the best medicine. You will Beat This.
    Your in Our Prayers

  388. Laurie Nadeau says:


    Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We miss you every morning and can’t wait till you are healthy and back to work at CHCH – we watch every morning!!

    Quick recovery!

  389. Shannon says:

    My goodness Nicola <3 I have a severe sleep disorder that I have been battling for years and because of this I have become accustomed to switching on the 4am CHCH news every morning!! You can imagine just how happy I was when the time changed from 5:30am to 4:00am…I look forward to watching the news everyday, it has become a morning ritual with me! I have been thinking about you everyday as I watch the news and was happy to get a tiny update on you a few weeks ago :) I hope that God hugs you in the healing love you ask for! You are an inspiration to everyone and I will continue to keep you in my prayers <3 All the best, Shannon


  390. Aimee Victoria says:

    Keeping you in our prayers.
    Stay positive and live each moment bathed in the light of love and happiness so the darkness will have no choice but to leave.

  391. Melanie Stevenson says:

    Nicola was sad to hear about your illness get better soon miss seeing you on chch

  392. Liz says:

    Hi Nicola, my thoughts and prayers are with you. There is a new 21 day meditation with Deepak and Oprah that started today. Chopra Center Meditation (facebook page) Please post to the world that you need their prayers. With love and blessings, Liz

  393. Stephanie says:

    My thoughts are with you. This sounds like the cancer my mother is battling. I understand what you’re going through. Be strong, be brave and always fight. Its important to remember you are never alone. My best and heartfelt wishes are with you.

  394. Tracey Goslin says:

    Hi Nicola,

    I have been saying to my husband (practically every morning) I wonder what happened to that crazy weather lady? We thought possibly promotion. But I was heartbroken to learn of your awful sickness.

    You are such a kind person and a ray of sunshine and we sorely miss your smiling face each morning. You always made us laugh – especially when you licked the cameraman’s icecream LOL.

    I am crying as I type this. You cannot possibly comprehend how much you have given to so many. Making people laugh is a great gift any you have that.

    My warmest best wishes go to you and your family at this very difficult time. I wish you health and will pray for you.

    You huge fans Tracey & Robert Goslin, Niagara Falls. xxx

  395. Ralph says:

    You have all the tools and a great outlook on life. Having recently going to the brink with cancer I can say that a strong support group and a positive attitude can carry you over mountains. Hope to run into you years from now on one of those sunny beaches down south. My prayers are with you.

  396. Joanne says:

    I have benefited from your positive attitude and smiling face to start my day each morning for so long. I know this positive energy will come back to you in abundance!Stay strong Nicola, and know you are loved.

  397. Dearest Nicola
    My husband and I watch you every morning, and have missed your beautiful smile!!My husband as well has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, and I know the shock that avails. So young and so much to offer, as well a very kind gentle person, just like you. I have a very strong belief in God and I will keep you in my daily prayers. I have great faith in our medical community, and know you are in such great caring hands. Please stay strong, and keep us updated and look forward to enjoying our morning coffee with you as we watch you give the weather!! Take care, Love Mary Jane Rose

  398. Marni and Ralph says:

    We are among those who have been actively missing you on CHCH… now we understand your absence.

    Please know that your prayer – that Light shine through you – has always been realized. You have always been outstanding in your work and in the Light that is reflected in who you are. Now, it is time for that Light to be reflected back to you, and for Love to carry you through this time.

    Know that many walk with you on this Holy Ground. You are in our hearts and now, will be in our prayers.

    Marni and Ralph

  399. Linda says:

    Peace and Love.

  400. Jane says:

    Sending lots of positive, healing thoughts your way!! XO

  401. Norm says:

    Nicola, been a fan for years and will be watching you for years to come! Just get better….xo

  402. Carol S. says:

    We miss you Nicola! Hang tough.
    I was diagnosed with rare form of melanoma yr ago Jan. Never been sick a day in my life (& I’m a lot older than you). Get mad. It’s not gonna beat me or you. Dr.’s at Juravinski are amazing. Sending lots of prayers your way.

  403. Claudia W. says:

    Nicola, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Stay strong.

  404. Wendy W says:

    Dear Nicola,

    I picture you held in the hands of God with bright shining healing light all around you. May He keep you and bless you, give you strength and peace and return you to us soon.

    With love, Wendy

  405. Nancy Dowd says:

    Hi Nicola. About 10 years ago I had the pleasure of working with you when you did the weather live on Friday mornings at the Sheraton Fallsview Hotel. I had just separated from my husband and was going through a very difficult time, you were caring and kind. My prayers and love are being sent to you. With the love of your family and friends and the great team at JuravinskiI know you will kick cancers butt (as I did – cancer free 1.5 years and counting).
    You’re a wonderful person Nicola.
    Nancy Dowd/Niagara Falls

  406. Jeanine says:

    Dear Nicola.

    I am so sorry to hear about your suffering, and I pray to God to take away your pain and to heal you. Please keep strong, and know we are all sending you love, healing, prayers and strength.

    Much love,

    Jeanine in Jamaica xox

  407. Ken Mitchell says:

    Hope you feel better soon Nicola.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you .
    You are still our guiding light and truly
    Worthy of our love . Hope you are better
    Soon . Much Love , your fan

  408. Carole Debien says:


    I send u my thought and prayers…u r a very strong and beautiful woman and we all miss u on couch watching u .I will think of u as I work at the juravisnki hospital and will be thinking of you during this time of healing I wish u all the best and stay strong and JUST KNOW WE R ALL THINKING OF YOU NICOLA…..

  409. Barb Sopotyk says:

    Hi Nicola. We miss you in the morning news you are our favorite and do such a wonderful job with your sense of humor our thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy road to recovery god bless you and keep you strong

  410. Toni White says:

    Dearest Nicola
    You are strong and beautiful and I will pray for you and I know the power of prayer is strong. Stay Positive my friend, The sunshine of God’s Love will keep you strong.

  411. Connie Cox says:

    Dear Nicola, I was truly sad and shocked after reading the blog you wrote. I am not ashamed to say that it brought a tear to my eyes as well. But I have faith that you will get through this,and that we will see your beautiful smile and hear wonderful laughter once again on CH morning live. Stay positive , stay strong and keep your faith, blessings always !
    You are an amazing person!

  412. Tara Ferrell says:

    Thank you for sharing with us all, sharing and excepting is part of the healing process. I know you don’t want the negative energy but you’ll find nothing but love, support and positive things comes from it. My Oncology team is at Juravinski and they are top notch, you are in good hands there. Though this is never a journey we jump out of bed one day and pick, it is one that we can embark on with a smile on our face. We can be a light to others as well as ourselves. All the best to you.

  413. Kim says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you stay strong and fight this to win your an inspiration to a lot of people god bless xoxo

  414. Irish says:

    Dear Nicola,

    I really want you to know that I am thinking about you, praying for your healing and sending huge amounts of LOVE to you.

    Big Squeeze & Lots of Love

  415. Your positive energy and outlook along with the prayers of all those that surround you will help you beat this. Keep strong and know you have brightened many of us viewer’s mornings and touched our hearts by sharing your experience. Will keep you in our prayers and hope to see your smiling face back on CH soon!
    Denise Hancock

  416. Nicki says:

    Stay strong and never lose faith. Wishing you strength as you recover. xo

  417. Sean says: thoughts are with you. Wishing you the peak of strength for your recovery.

  418. Bianca says:

    Dear Nicola,
    Your words have touched my heart and I could not help but shed a tear. This news is so very sad, you’re amazing and both my husband and I love you. My husband calls you his other GF lol.
    Our prayers and thoughts and hugs are with you, we know you will get through this.
    Get well soon and hurry back, we miss you.

  419. Stephanie says:

    A special prayer goes out to you today. Stay strong!!

  420. Donna says:

    Hi Nicola…sending light, positive vibs and hugs, and prayers…I”am watching a family member going through much the same. you have shown me how strong the light can be….God Bless you…

  421. Joanne Saracuse says:

    Dear Nicola,
    My husband just asked me last week “Where is Nicola” Today I read your article, sent to me by a very dear friend. Nicola, your article brought me to tears. You are much more than a beautiful face and endearing personality we watched everday on CHTV.
    Your article is so inspiring, it moved me beyond words. Your positive thinking and your healthy lifestyle will be so beneficial during your journey to wellness, but it will be the support, love and light from others that will guide you. We are all truly one and I will join you Love Revolution with open arms. As part of my daily meditation and personal yoga practive I will send you a healing each and every day. I love you too Nicola. Stay positive, maintain hope and feel the love that you are so worthy of.

  422. We were saddened to hear of your illness. we miss seeing you on Morning Live. Our thoughts are with you.

  423. John & Dianne Scott says:

    We send you our prayers and hopes and dreams that you will make a full recovery. The light is with you to help you heal.

  424. Debbie says:

    Dear Nicola we were all wondering what happened to the beautiful funny girl on morning live I missed you . You are one of the best new people they have on the show and its not the same since you have not been on it . My thoughts and prayers are with you every day and I know you are a strong person and will not let this beat you. sending you all my love I know you will get through this <3 <3

  425. Joanne D says:

    My heart is heavy after reading your blog. Although I do not know you personally, you brought your sincere warmth, wit and kindness to our daily morning routine watching you on chch . As others have commented, you truly are beautiful both inside and out. Stay strong and hold on to your faith… Our thoughts and prayers are with you for a full recovery !!

  426. Dianne Telfer says:

    Nicola,.. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers everyday. Warm regards.

  427. Joanne says:

    My God hold. You in the palm of his. Hand and. Let you fly with the eagles. Our thoughts and prayers to you for a speedy recovery. I have missed seeing you on CHCH.

  428. Ingrid says:

    Dear Nicola,
    You are truly a child of LOVE. Brave beyond belief. I pray for you and will ask the Divine to bless you and heal you. I am inspired by you.
    I will ask that the Divine’s healing and loving energy embrace you and keep you well.

    Many blessings to you my dear, and to your family. Thank you for what you have given me.

  429. Irene says:

    Thinking of you today Nicola ! U will beat this cause u are a very strong women !

  430. Don S says:

    There is not much I can add… Nicola we have dearly missed you. You are an amazing woman. Our thoughts are with you through this incredibly tough journey.


  431. Barb says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you especially today as you begin your treatment. You are a true inspiration for many. Stay strong and god bless you.

  432. Franca says:

    Sorry to hear about your health issues. My thoughts and prayers are with you. God will watch over you and help you through this. Keep strong! I wish you all the best! Get well soon and hurry back, we miss you.

  433. Laura says:

    Hi Nicola,
    We have missed you on CHCH. You have become a friend to us through TV land. You are such a lovely person who touches us all through your warm and compassionate personality. My thoughts and healing prayers are with you through this challenging journey and may God keep you strong everyday! He only gives you what you can handle and you WILL get through this!! Get well, keep your chin up, and get back to CHCH so you can start our day again with your beautiful sunny smile!! :)

  434. Kelly Bowers says:

    Dearest Nicola, your inner beauty shines and the whole world sees you for who you really are. While I pray for you, I envision you surrounded in a loving and protective healing pure white light sent from God, himself. I have faith that you will survive and in fact eventually thrive with his love and with the support from your loved ones and your many fans, like me. God bless you.

  435. Tracey says:

    Thinking of you again today. Stay strong and fight – we love you.

  436. Cathy says:

    Praying for you and as I walk during the survivors lap at this years Relay for Life, I will do it for you !

  437. Larry Smiley says:

    Nicola: you are in my heart and prayers. God will take care of you. Please get well soon. Love

  438. Michelle Hay says:

    Hi Nicola, almost four years ago we moved to Ancaster and being in new city I knew no one. I started watching CHCH and knew who you were, and would also see you from time to time in the community, whether shopping at Fortinos or at a indoor play gym with my kids. You had such a warm beautiful presence about you. You made me feel at home and I have never even met you! You are an amazing person and your strength and love of life will get you through this. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Wishing you a quick recovery! xoxoxox

  439. Diane says:

    Hi Nicola,
    Miss your warm and smiling face on MorningLive. Your wish to send out love and positivity was definitely felt! I am sending light and love to you as you recover and strength to get through your health challenges. May love and light be your strength, protector and healer, Nicola. Hugs & much love. XO

  440. Andie Parton says:

    Dear Ms Jones,
    I woke up thinking about you and wishing I could give you comfort and maybe I can. Two years ago today I got my diagnosis and soon after the Juravinski Center opened its arms to me. Through chemotherapy, surgery at St. Joe’s, then radiation, with the care of these wonderful people, I learned a new word: ‘handelable’. Much to my surprise, I found that I could handle it all. The chemo room wasn’t even scary; eventually I could even go alone. The great volunteer drivers carted me back and forth, even daily once radiation started. And here’s the part that I think can be helpful: I took notes during the days after chemotherapy started, listing the ickinesses that were happening (metallic taste, tiredness, loss of appetite, etc.). And here’s the thing, dear Ms Jones: when the next chemo round began, and I dreaded the side effects that were to come, I consulted my notes and found that, yes, these would happen, but they would only last for three and a half days, or even just overnight. Always, after a while I would feel better. It was the diary, the note-taking, that supplied me with that comfort. This too shall pass. I expect to see you on TV soon, stronger and prettier than ever. I send you hugs.

  441. Claudette Mancini says:

    Good morning, Nicola: Your positive outlook will get you through. I am a twice-survivor of cancer, ten years apart, and I know that the combination of faith, hope and love is stronger than any other factor in getting you back up on your feet. Keep up the good thoughts, the smiles and the openness while you undergo this battle. In the end, you, too, will win! Believe it!

  442. Andie says:

    You’re in my prayers, hoping all goes well for you with the chemotherapy. keep your chin up knowing everyone’s thinking of you.


  443. Carl says:

    Good luck Nicola. Have faith. Things will turn out OK for you

  444. Harry says:

    Trust Jesus Christ. God has laid the path for every one of us in this world, there’s nothing to worry about or fear.

  445. Sandra says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you! I love your positive attitude; God Bless!

  446. SheMom says:

    Nicola… I imagine being a public figure adds a whole other facet to the experience you are currently facing. It is heartwarming to see not only how you are handling this with such grace and dignity, but how powerful the responses from the public have been. If love and light is what you need right now, I gladly send it to you. But as a Mom, don’t just shine gently right now – blaze! Face this predator and show it the door. And if there is any lingering fear – use it to fire yourself up. You can and will do this. :)

  447. Nick Bontis says:

    Hi Nicola, I’m sending you positive energy … be brave!

    Sincerely, Nick

  448. Cathy says:

    Hello Nicola…I thought possibly you were away on holidays..never gave a second thought. You are such a beautiful woman inside and out..sending all positive thoughts your way..stay strong and fight with all your might..all the best to you and your family Nicola…xoxo

  449. Deanne says:

    Hi Nicola

    I was listening at the radio station WDCX 99.5fm I’m not sure if you are familiar with it? It is a Christian radio station. Anyway I was listening today and there was a woman by the name of Kasey Von Norman. She is an author and a motivational speaker she was talking about her new book called Raw Faith. I kept on thinking about you while she was speaking about what she is going through. I hope you get a chance to look her up and her message will inspire you like it did myself. I hope you have a blessed Easter God bless you and keep you strong

  450. Sylvia says:

    Sending you love and light. You and all around you are in my prayers.

  451. Scout says:

    Wishing you light, love and life. Keep the faith, we’re all on your side. Thank you for sharing your message of hope, love and peace. <3

  452. Marjorie says:

    I am sorry for your news My thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Your a kind and gentle person You have a dearness, when your on CHCH , its like a hearth in the home , for a warmth comes from the stream that brightens the room.
    You have the majic charm that puts people at ease. You are the meaning of the word goodness. Continue to strive for your optimal level of health You are in between successes You have the right attitude you are Dearly missed

  453. Dianne says:

    Dear Nicola, I met you this past January for a meditation workshop at my daughter, Kerri’s Wellness Centre. I was so impressed by your positive words and your gentle nature. May you continue to be bathed in white light, love and positive healing thoughts and prayers. Remember to laugh each day.
    All the best to you. .

  454. Lydia says:

    Nicola – sending you peace, love and light.

  455. Marlene says:

    Believe in love
    Believe in miracles
    Believe in you
    This helped me through the challenges you are facing
    Sending you my prayers and white light because I believe

    Bless you

  456. Lori Sirianni says:

    Nicola, I’m so touched by your blog post and the articles about you. Sending you much light and healing, positive thoughts. Your story takes me right back to last fall when I too had my uterus, left ovary and fallopian tubes removed at St. Joe’s, where I was born, due to uterine fibroids, a large ovarian cyst and adenomyosis. The doctors and nurses at St. Joes are the best of the best and so is the Juravinski Cancer Center. You’re in the best of hands there, truly world-class cancer care. I’m so sorry you didn’t get to feel the same relief as me at the results of my pathology report. I know that fear, waiting for the results, and cannot even imagine how hard a cancer diagnosis must have been for you. Would that you could have had had a cancer-free result, because you have so many years of life ahead of you to live, and a young son to finish raising. I hope your aggressive chemo beats your cancer to a pulp and you do get the life you should live. :) Juravinsky is amazing; they gave my then-86-year-old grandfather 3 more years of life after radiation for his esophageal cancer in ’06, when his oncologist had said that even younger, healthier patients only survived about 3 months with his form of cancer. So please, never ever give up hope. Please continue writing; for many of us it’s a necessary catharsis and a way to cleanse ourselves of pent-up emotions, and to share our own thoughts and experiences to help others. And since I was a TV news producer in the 90′s driving to work in the dark at 4 a.m., I know exactly what you mean. You focus on the people and on why you do what you do. Bless your heart, Lori

  457. Sheila Guest says:

    Prayers for your strength, and Easter blessings to you and your family.

  458. Nicola Jones says:

    Thank you everyone for your words of support and love. I appreciate all your messages, advice and encouragement. I am working hard to maintain a positive outlook and keep up with all my healing modalities and care. I know there are many facing this ferocious beast and my hope is that through sharing my journey we may all rise to our greatest levels of awareness and compassion and carry on from that place for a lifetime. xo Be well, Happy Easter. Nicola

  459. Rebecca Arvay says:

    Dear Nicola, Sending you, Energy and Reiki every day! xox

  460. Tracy says:

    Nicola, my thoughts and prayers are with you. You are such a strong woman and I see you well. Stay strong and hope to see you back on CHCH mornings very soon!

  461. Ruthann says:

    Prayers go out daily for u since I learnt of your illness, I know u are now being held in the Lords hands and he will watch over u.

  462. Pat Ferguson says:

    Dear Nicola:
    I am so sorry to hear your sad news. I had breast cancer 15 years ago and remained very positive and kept my faith in God. That is the best advice I can give to you. I have been cancer free for almost 15 years and Thank God everyday. I would be very pleased to pray for you every evening and think of you often with love.
    . May God Bless you and my he give you one of his miracles and return you to excellent health.
    All my love best wishes and prayers.

  463. Joseph Baggio says:

    Nicola, this sounds very much what my wife (June) experienced 3 yrs ago. We also had a battle with “it”. Last week we upgraded our camping shelter from a tent to a tent trailer. ;o)) Never give up, always stay positive and know that many, many people are in your corner! I’m not saying it was easy. It wasn’t. But you’re young, strong and obviously love life. So just as much as I knew June would beat it, I know you will too. Take care, God Bless and Positive Vibes being sent from Cape Breton! :o)) Joe & June

  464. Tracey says:

    Thinking of you again today and sending you positivity, healing and prayers. Stay strong!

  465. Delphine says:

    My 17 year old daughter has autism and watched you every morning on CHCH. She is so inspired by you and who you are. Stay strong because you have touched more lives than you could ever begin to realize.

  466. Pat Rouse says:

    My husband and I also watch Chch. We have watched all our lives as well as our parents. We love all of you guys it’s nice to have the humour in the midst of the news. My husband passed away March 12th. Like you, he was funny, beautiful and full of life. There was a story on my husband Doug Rouse in Ham Spec page 2 yesterday, 28th.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  467. Ken Mitchell says:

    Hi Nicola !
    Thinking of you .
    You are in my thoughts and in my prayer .
    Hope your felling better and getting stronger every day .
    Miss you on the news .
    Sorry to bug .
    All the best .
    Love Yah .
    Ken .

  468. Bonnie says:

    I think of you every day when I don’t see you on Morning Live. I’m wishing you all the best in this journey. You are in my prayers each day.
    Warm Thoughts coming your way.

  469. Karen Whittington says:

    Well, this explains a lot and I missed seeing you in the mornings, , I remember when you were with CHCH a number of years ago loved you manner, your strength, you are a beautiful lady, when you came back to the station I was thrilled, missed seeing you there, you are a professional with a huge touch of being human , your smile, your laugh, your beauty. I am saddened by your illness and will pray daily for you and also for your return to the airwaves, a god. ,ess you and your family, karen Whittington.

  470. Monica Sofrenovic says:

    Good Morning Nicola! Happy Mother’s Day to you! You are in my thoughts and prayers. Praying and believing for complete and total healing! God Bless!

  471. Marni says:

    We imagine that you are deep into your treatment, but want you to know that you are still in our hearts and in our prayers. We are holding you in the light.

    Marni and Ralph

  472. Paul and Char says:

    Nicola, please know that there are so many people sending you positive thoughts and prayers and that includes the two of us. You are loved by many because of the person you are. :-)

  473. Richard says:

    Good luck with your fight Nicola.
    Many people are praying & rooting for ya.
    God Bless.
    And stay positive & laughter are the best

  474. Carmella McDougall says:

    Hello Nicolas I want to you know that you are in my prayers every day! I pray for God’s blessings to protect you and rid you of any illness! Faith is what binds us with The Lord!

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